Thursday, July 15, 2010

V's Criss-Cross Cornrows with a twist!

Today I am going to introduce you to a new way of showing off my latest hair creations!  I will still be making "how-to" videos from time to time, but some styles are just a variation of an old style and I believe that pictures and a few directions will do the trick!

This style is a variation on our Criss-Cross Cornrows.  Just click on that if you would like to watch my video tutorials on how to do Criss-Cross Cornrows.  They are the second and third videos on the page.

Since V's hair had been in the "pizza" pattern for the weekend, it was really easy to get started on this style.  Anytime I am cornrowing into a ponytail I start by parting her head into four quarters and then breaking each quarter down into smaller "pie pieces."  In this case, I left the ear to ear part constant, but I got rid of the forehead to neck part, and turned what had been 8 triangles into 6 triangles.  Like this:

Hopefully you followed me on that first part!  Now, each of these 6 triangles are going to contain 3 cornrows.  One fat one and two skinny ones!  The fat one will go down the middle and the two skinny ones are going to Criss-Cross over top of it.  So, working with one section at a time, divide into 3 parts:

Hopefully you can see from that pic that the middle section is very wide and the two on the sides are not.  Next you will do that big, fat, center cornrow:

Now, with the two side sections you need to divide them in half and pin the front half of one side and the back half of the other side out of your way.  If you don't know what I am talking about, now is the time go watch that Criss-Cross Cornrow video!

After you pin the two parts out of your way you will start to cornrow the section nearest the hairline until you get to where you parted it in half.  Now you need to just do a regular braid (quite a long section of regular braid in order to cross it all the way over that big fat cornrow!) until you reach the other side and continue your cornrow with the back half of that section.  Then take out the pins and repeat with the leftover hair!
 Now all you need to do is continue making these three cornrows in each of the other 5 triangle sections. I say "all you have to do," but don't be fooled, this took me 3.5 hours to finish!  I never claimed to be fast!  Here are the pictures of the finished style:

When I was spraying V's hair this morning she said "I love it when my hair is all curly!"  I believe she was referring to the twists in the back that end in curls.  I asked her what her favorite part of this style was and she said "All of it!"  What a cutie pie!  I think on Saturday we might take out the twists and do a twist out OR a big puff!  I can't wait!



  1. That is adorable. I'm in awe.

  2. I love it! You never cease to amaze me :)

  3. How pretty! Your daughter is beautiful!

  4. That is the most awesome cornrowed ponytail I have ever seen. Wow. She's gonna get double takes everywhere she goes.

  5. Wow, I wish my cornrows were that neat and that my little bit would sit still long enough for me to try that style.

    I got my package from hair holders today. I had to pop one in my hair "just to test it out", lol.

    Thank you again.

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  7. I can't wait to try it!! Simply beautiful!

  8. This is beautiful, I will be doing this in my daughter Hair, thanks. My daughter loves all your hair styles. I have done all of them on her.

  9. We would love to see photos when any of you try one of Katie's styles! We can do a post of all your successes!

  10. I think that you do such a fabulous ob caring for your girls' hair!!! I love the beautiful and wonderful and creative styles that you do!

  11. @Notthecoolmom
    We can't wait to see some photos of the sidewinders in your or your daughter's hair!

    Aren't they fun?

    (We are trying out our new "reply to comments" feature we just installed!)


  12. I will be doing this one in my daughters hair soon!! LOVE IT :)

  13. Ok, I am a white momma trying to learn how to corn roll my african american daughters hair. I am so impressed with you! I hope I can learn from watching your video's!

  14. Katie!!! Seriously, I am so excited for this blog. You might not be fast, but you are certainly creative. I get me thinking outside the box for my parts! I do criss-crosses and cornrows to a puff but never together!! Can't wait to try this one. :)

  15. one question, how do you keep that 'bang' cornrow out of her face? is it shorter than the others? It never works for my girls w/o driving them bonkers.

    (& I would super love if the word verification was removed)

  16. Very cute and you are soo creative....I'm a novice braider, but with time I know I'm going to get better. I think I'm doing pretty good if I may say so myself :)! You did an excellent job!!!

  17. @Sean's Ladies
    The bang cornrow she has now is SUPER short - that is kind of a long story about the hair line that I plan to blog about, but it doesn't come close to her eyes right now. We have had hair in all different lengths in the bang area though and I know what you mean. Just be patient - it will grow and soon be long enough that it will hang down below the eyes and then it will hopefully be more to the side than IN the eyes!

  18. @Tahsa

    You will definitely see improvement over time! Keep up the good work and send us a pic :)

  19. How do you position your daughter's head to braid the back? Your videos (at least the ones I have seen) always show the braiding of the top of the head. How do you work with the back?

    thanks!Because of your videos I had the courage to cornrow my daughter's hair this past weekend. I think it looked really good! Thanks!

  20. I will be trying this style on my daughter soon. I can braid but am not creative at all, I am so glad I found you on "Youtube" and know I can get out of my same hairstyle rut. She is 9 which seems to be near the age of your girls so I will be following you as long as you are on line. You are a good send, because of you I will be putting my flat iron way and going truly natural on my daughters hair. Thx


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