Monday, March 7, 2011

Sun Rays

Maybe my craving for Summer and Sunshine led to my choosing this cornrow pattern, but I have always liked the look of this one, and I haven't done it in awhile.  I am hoping even though V's hair has been giving me some trouble lately that this will last us 3 solid weeks, because I will not be doing any more hair until after we are all moved in to our new place!

I don't have any step by step instructions for you.  This is a pretty basic style.  She has 8 cornrows going down the back.  1 Cornrow across the forehead to try to tame her bang area.  And 9 cornrows in the Sun Ray pattern on the top.  To do the Sun Ray - Just choose a starting point off center and make triangles going out from that point.

I added 3 BGP chubby beads (get yours here...they rock!) to the end of each braid.  DONE!



  1. I love this pattern, too :D I finally figured out how to do it on Q and I just LOVE it! and it even works with her little cowlick - lol! :D
    Have fun moving!!!

  2. Your braids are always so neat and pretty. Love the sun ray style, but mine never come out quite like that. Something to aspire to!

  3. Gorgeous! I have done something similar but with the cornrows starting in the center of the forehead and going all the way to the nape of the neck. Your braids look so neat and even the exact same length and thickness. They are very pretty. Mine look fuzzy the minute I get done!! Was your braid and some of the hair that you picked up initially is reaching the ends. How do you keep those ends from poking out of the cornrows? I think that's where some of our fuzziness is coming from. My daughter is only 2yo so some of it is also her wiggliness and my inexperience. Thanks. Jenny

  4. This came out lovely! Great job!

  5. @Jenny - That is a tricky one. The length of hair has something to do with it. V's hair is pretty long now, so I don't have to worry about it as much, especially if the cornrows only go half way back.

    But when I do have this problem, part of the trick is having wet hair, then also what I do, as I am braiding, I keep smoothing the hair and sort of twirling it so that the short hairs get pushed UNDER the braid and trapped where they can't poke out. It is hard to explain, and certainly NOT easy to do on a wiggly toddler!

    Practice has a lot to do with it, so keep up the good work!

  6. That DOES make sense. I always braid dry hair, sometimes with a styling aid and sometimes on relatively naked hair. I will try braiding wet hair, although I am worried about it being too slippery. Her hair is 4-6 inches long, so sometimes holding it can be a challenge.

  7. I love this pattern of cornrows, and it looks so cute on her!

  8. I am jealous of your perfection. My daughter is from ET and she has TONS of big, soft, loose curls. It seems like even after I part it and hold all the other hair out of the way to do a braid, it still looks like a mess.

  9. Beautiful! Love it! Can't wait until my baby girl's hair is long enough to try to braid. Hope I get as good as you!


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