Styling Vids

How to Cornrow

Criss Cross Cornrows Part 1

Criss Cross Cornrows Part 2

Heart Shaped Cornrows

Adding Beads/Ending a Braid

Twists - Two Different Ways

Rolling Twists and Flat Twists

Box Braids

Veil Style

Piggyback Braids

Yarn Extensions Part 1

Yarn Extensions Part 2

Faux French Braids 1 - Rubber Bands

Faux French Braids 2 - Cornrows

Multiple Step Styles - Halo Braids around a Ponytail

Multiple Step Styles - One Large Faux French Braid

The Braided Crown

Fish Tail Braid - A Loc Style

Knotted French Braids - A Loc Style

Sock Bun Style on Locs

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