Stephanie (Mama Snap) has been the owner of Snapaholics Hair Bling for 4 years now! She was knee-deep in beads and snaps well before her daughter, G (Baby Snap), arrived on the scene in Dec. 2006. She also works full-time, attends West African dance and drum class with G,  enjoys sushi and learning to cook Haitian food, and is a devoted soccer mom. She takes great pleasure in doing G's hair and is trying to relish and wring every last moment of styling and blinging it before 7-year-old G finally declares she is "too old for all that!" Team Snapaholics also consists of a giant, loveable Golden Retriever, Tiga, and a very neurotic cat, Missus. Steph and G can't wait to share Keep Me Curly! with the world!

Miss G - Hi my name is G and I am 7! I love school and dancing and I've wanted to be a farmer for my whole life. But sometimes I think maybe I'll be something else too, like a police officer (My mom lets me watch COPS and Dog the Bounty Hunter sometimes). I want to get an RV and drive all over and go camping. I like to travel and I want to go to Hawaii, China, Japan, France, and Haiti. My favorite food is sushi, just like my mom! I love to be silly and perform in front of the mirror and the camera. Look for my videos on the website, because I have a lot to say too!

Katie started her Katelynylyn YouTube channel in 2007 to help the other moms in her yahoo group learn to cornrow and do other fun styles on their adopted daughters' hair.  She spends a lot of time taking care of the hair of all four of her children, but that isn't the only thing she is passionate about.  Katie loves American Sign Language (ASL) and is in school studying to become a licensed interpreter.  She also teaches Baby Sign Classes to mommies of babies and toddlers.  (she loves babies and toddlers too!)  Katie is also interested in living as green of a lifestyle as she can.  She is on a journey to figure out how a busy mom can make healthy choices for her family and the planet without spending too much time or money!  Her favorite lifestyle change so far has been Cloth Diapers!!!  Katie's large family also consists of two dogs and a cat and even though she loves animals she doesn't want ANY MORE pets!  (but she would gladly take more children!)  Katie loves to read mommy blogs and is very excited to join the blogging world!  

Young Man C - Hi, I'm the big brother!  My favorite things in the world are playing soccer or any sports and being outside.  I could easily do without school and chores!  I plan on being a professional soccer player some day soon.  I usually keep my hair pretty short but I really wish my mom would shave a star in the side of my head!  (yeah, my mom wrote this because she knew I wouldn't cooperate.  Can anyone say pre-teen?)

Miss B - Hi this is B!  I like to play soccer and my favorite fruit is a banana.  My favorite color is orange and I like to play with friends.  I am glad I have locs because they are fun and it doesn't take my mom long to do new stuff with my hair.  I like it best when she puts my locs in French Braids.  My favorite thing about school is writing, but I do not like math!  Also, I LOVE animals but I HATE worms!

Miss V - Hi I am V!  My favorite hairstyle is yarn braids!  I love my mom and I am really glad she does my hair because I feel so pretty when she is done.  I always have to look at myself in the mirror for while when she is finished!  I also like to play with my mom's hair and play make believe and dress up with my sisters.  When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer!  (She was not paid to say nice things about mommy, this is her personality, she says "I love my family" every day!)

Little E - I'm the baby of the family!  I really love my big sisters and brother.  I like to go wherever they go and do whatever they do and I DO NOT LIKE being left at home with mom!  I like to play with toys and games.  I also love my neighbors, my cousins, my aunts and my grandma!  (no joke, she said all that, she must be partial to girls!)  My favorite hairstyle is braids.  (today)

Camera Guy - Our faithful camera guy is also known as Katie's hubby.  Everything he knows about hair he has learned from the other end of that camera!  He always makes sure his girls are wearing sleep caps before they go to bed and he is good at spraying their hair with moisturizer when they get up in the morning, but please, don't ask him to braid!  Camera Guy is also a big sports fan and his favorite athlete is Young Man C.  As the only males in the house, they make quite a good pair!

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