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The goal of this blog is to share with other parents everything we have learned about our children and their natural hair. We have gone through a lot of trial and error to get to the place that we are at and that can get expensive! We are happy to share with others the products, hair tools, and fun accessories that have worked for us! Keep in mind that no two people have the exact same hair. What works for us might not work for another person, but, hopefully with our thorough reviews we can help people to make more informed decisions before sinking more money into yet another hair product!

 If you are interested in having us review your product, or you are a store who wishes to have one of the items you carry reviewed with a link and info about your store, we would love to do that! We will only review products that we feel fit in with the topic of our blog, and that our readers would benefit from hearing about. This could possibly include things that are not related to hair, as we are also mothers who will be discussing a variety of other topics on this blog. We will also host a giveaway for your product or store as long as you ship the product to the winner. It will be up to you to decide how to handle entrants/winners from outside the USA, but we must know ahead of time so that we can clearly state it in the contest rules (keep in mind we have many followers internationally!). Giveaways are a fabulous way to promote your product and get your brand out there in the social media scene.

Details: We will keep any items that we review. We will give a 100% honest review of the item. Our readers trust us to be honest, and without the trusting relationship between reader and blogger, this just wouldn’t work. We do not do sponsored posts. This means that we are not being paid to review an item or to post about a product. If we like a product overall but have a few things about the product we don't like, we will be honest about it. But if for some reason we review a product that we simply can't endorse, we will return the item to the sender and will not post a review about it.

We are also selling ad space on our website. If you would like information about our rates and stats, or if you would like us to review your product please email us at

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