Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Inspired Yarn Braids

As you can see we have used three different colors of yarn.  I wanted to really make sure the colors were noticeable, but not over powering so, I still used a lot more black than I did brown and burgundy.  I used two strands of yarn for each braid so what I did for the braids with the brown and burgundy yarn was combine 1 piece of color yarn with 1 piece of black yarn.  Then I alternated like this: 1 all black, 1 half brown, 1 all black, 1 half burgundy, 1 all black, 1 half brown.....and so on.  I think I got the exact effect I was hoping for!

Originally I was also going to use red yarn, but once it was cut and lying out next to the other three colors it was just to bright.  I thought it would stick out like a sore thumb so I didn't use it.

Similarly, I had originally planned to use 5 beads per braid.  I ended up just using two shades of brown and one red bead.  But at first I also had a pearly orange and a warm yellow with them.  Again, I thought that was two bright and not quite the look I was going for, so I stuck with just 3 beads per braid.

I decided to go with a two step plan for these braids.  For the first 3-4 weeks it will be in this style - yarn braids in the back with Criss Cross Cornrows in the front.  I did add yarn to the ends of the cornrows so that they blend right in with the braids in the back.  They are just a bit thicker at the top.  After about 3 weeks, I will take out the cornrows and put the front into regular yarn braids and leave them in for another 3-4 weeks.  I did this last fall also and the braids in the back ended up being in for almost 8 weeks since I only changed the front, but they held up GREAT!  I am hoping for the same results this time around.

When I picked her up from school today she told me she got "like 100 compliments" on her hair today!

So these braids were inspired by my love of fall colors, but I was also inspired by one of our readers, Holly, who sent us these pretty yarn braid pictures awhile back.  I loved the colors in the first one, and I really liked the length of the braids (and the colors) in the second picture.  I tried to make V's braids a bit longer this time, but somehow they always seems to end up pretty close to the same length!



  1. That looks nice. It ALMOST makes me want to try these again using bigger sections of hair like you used.

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to try yarn braids :)

  3. This is very pretty. I like the color combination. I notice that you said these braids can stay in for up to 8 weeks. I there anything that you use on your daughters hair to keep her scalp from itching? I find when I wear braids for a long time, my scalp starts to itch.

  4. @SweetThang- I spray her scalp (not the braids) daily with my watered down Taliah Waajid mist bodifier. That seems to do the trick pretty well. She really never gets an itchy head. It was a whole year ago that we did those yarn braids that were in for 8 weeks so I don't remember if she started getting itchy at the end or not. I will let you know how it goes this time!

  5. Very nice, you have inspired me to try the yarn braids on my daughter. Her hair is longer at the top and shorter in the back, what length do you recommend for the yarn braids? Or any other recommendations.By the way, I tried the rope twist on her this weekend and I DID IT. Your video was very helpful.(no need to do one on the 3 strand twist...unless you want to. Thanks again.

  6. @hbeckles11 - Have you watched my two videos on yarn braids? That pretty much says it all! As far as length, they will need to be at least as long (or a bit longer) than her longest hair. If her longest hairs are still relatively short, I would start with somewhere between chin and shoulder length. I would start at the bottom (either in back or near the ears) because even in that hair is only a few inches long, when it is pulled straight in the yarn braid it will reach the shoulders. If you want the braids to be all the same length (like a blunt cut) than you can make the rest of the braids match the length of those bottom ones. Which means that the braids that come from the top of her head will actually be a lot longer in order to reach the shoulders. Does that make sense?

  7. I am so doing these when I take my daughter's extensions out! I like the criss cross braids in the top, that is really cute!

  8. Thank you so much for your videos on yarn braids and box braids. I finally got up the nerve to try yarn braids today. It took me all day to do my 2 little girls hair. But they LOVE it! It turned out really nice. All my parts are not correct but it is hard to tell with the braids hanging down. I have been doing box braids with beads for a while now and wanted to try something new. Thanks so much for the help.


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