Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick Style - UPDATE

Well, as expected the french braid part in the back of this hairstyle did NOT hold up for long.  By day 3 it was pretty much done for!

The large cornrows in the front were also getting fuzzy fast, but I knew I could make them stretch till the end of the week.  So all I did was:

1) Remove french braids

2) Wet and Comb each side.  Then put the hair from the back and the braids from the front into pigtails.  (I did criss cross the two middle braids and added them to the ponytail on the opposite side.)

3) Make 3 more braids out of the free hair from the back.

4) Since the braids from the front had been in the cornrows they were all wavy/curly.  This didn't look good mixed with the straight braids I had just put in.  So I took the 3 new braids and braided them together.  Then I looped them up and tucked them back into the ponytail holder.  Then I braided the 3 original braids together and did the same thing so that I had little braided bun type of things.

I took this picture the next afternoon.  See how much fuzzy hair already popped out at the bottom!

The next morning, to try to distract from the fuzz, I made another change and I took the braids out of the braids (are you following me?) and so I had 6 wavy/curly braids per pigtail.  Sorry no pic.

Man the winter is taking a toll on this girls hair!  I can't wait for some warmer, moister weather!



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