Sunday, July 18, 2010

Easy Big Bead "Jazzy" Ponytails

Even though G has locs, I couldn't help myself when I came home from one of my bead suppliers with brand new Big Giant Ponies (BGP as I like to call them) in the shape of butterflies. I haven't done many beads on her lately, but I just HAD to put in some butterflies. BGPs have a larger hole so it's easier to get them on several locs together.

I am a big fan of ponytails. Guess I can't call them Puffs anymore, since they are locs! I will do high ponytails as long as humanly possible until G says she's too old for them. This style is very fast and a great way to add some zing to ponytails, for ANY kind of hair.

First, cornrow or flat twist some bangs to one side. For unlocked hair, you could actually just do bangs hanging down the front of the forehead. But remember, these are larger-holed beads. If you don't have enough hair to mostly fill the bead, it looks a bit odd. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever cornrowed bangs to the side! 

Because they are locs they were too thick to get through the bead nicely, when I was finished. I did get them on, but it hung funny. Kind of stiff. So I took that out, and where the braid left the scalp, I split it into two and two-strand twisted it. These were perfect for the beads and I adore the way it looks. To hold the beads on, I used a plain black flower snap, Snapaholics Style #3 (this is a very underrated snap. Plain black snaps are great when you don't want the snap to be the focus. They just kind of blend in.) I just let the twirly ends of her locs hang down below the snap. I initially tried rubber bands but I would have had to put two on all bunched up in order to fill up the large hole in the butterfly bead. Rubber bands and the wispy ends of locs don't go well together!

Next, I parted the hair down the center as you can see. I did six box braids, three to the right and three to the left of the center part, from ear to ear. I included about 6 locs or a couple more in each box. I didn't want them to be too thick for the beads. Then I just added the beads to the 6 braids. Finally, I put the hair in ponytails, including the box braids. There you have it! The braids fell toward the front of the ponytail and you could see all the pretty beads. For unlocked hair, if it's long enough you can just box braid ALL the hair and then gather it into the ponytails.  Or fit what you can into the ponytails and leave the rest hanging down box braids. 

Best of all, her hair made the tick, tack, clicky, clacky sound that I know and love....and miss, since we haven't done beaded styles so often anymore. We were both happy!

Enjoy! And find LOTS of BGPs at Snapaholics! Stars, hearts, butterflies, barrels. We got 'em! 

Stay tuned for our next post early in the week, which will be a review of a VERY all-natural haircare line. We will follow that immediately with a giveaway!


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