Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Housekeeping - the RSS Feed

Hello all! Hope you are going to stay tuned today for a LONG AWAITED new styling video by Katie!!!

A bit more housekeeping. Here are instructions from one of our followers about how to get the RSS Feed to work, and it should make using the Reader even easier for you all:

What I had to do was to add the button to subscribe to my bookmarks toolbar. Then I went to the Keep Me Curly website, and then clicked that button. It worked then.

To find the button: Go to "manage subscriptions" which is on the very bottom of the left column. Then click on the "goodies" tab. scroll down, and there's a button to add to the toolbar--you just drag it over.

Bonus is that now I can just click it when I find a blog or page I want to follow. Before I would cut & paste the address, go open reader, then paste it into subscribe. This is easier!

Please let us know if this works!


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