Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Welcome to Tidbit Tuesday!  This is a new segment that you can expect to see almost every Tuesday. We will be sharing short posts on anything from quick hair tips, to silly random facts.  It will go something like this:

Did you Know????

That my name isn't really Katelynylyn?  What?  You had already guessed that?  Well, would you be surprised to know that it isn't even Katelyn?  Nope!  It's just Katie.

Katelynylyn was just a nickname that my best friend's boyfriend gave me in high school.  Truth be told, I think he only called me that once or twice, but he had made me a tape (yeah, like a cassette tape, I am older than you think) and he wrote Katelynylyn on it. It was around that time that I got my FIRST EVER Email address and I thought Katelynylyn was unique so I used it!  Then I continued to use it as my name for many online things after that.  (ya know, like my youtube channel)

If you have ever wondered how to pronounce it, I'll help you out with that.
It is KATE-lyn-E-lyn.

With a short name like Katie, people are always wanting to add to it.  I get called Katelyn and Kathrine and all sorts of things.  I don't mind.  But now you know the truth!

My Uncle took this pic of Me with Little E last weekend (now SHE calls me MOM!)

It was only a matter of time until G asked to get into the act! Here now is a word from G...this is her very own tip that she thought of to share! I'm sure there will be plenty more where this came from :)


  1. That was great. Thanks for the tip. :-)

  2. She is quite the character! So cute.


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