Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to Easily Restring an Old Hair Ballie!

Ok this is super easy. Crazy easy. But perhaps some of us hadn't thought of it! 

In addition to using old ballie fobs as beads (because the hole is usually off center they would be great to end braids/twists with!) you can also easily restring your ballie fobs onto new elastic.

Here's a quick vid to show you how simple it is.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that of course this trick will work with ANYTHING that you want to make into a ballie. Anything with a hole in it! This includes BUTTONS! Buttons with a shank or the ones with 2 holes. There are so many cute buttons for every holiday, event, season, animal, etc. All it takes is a button for each end and some elastic! Here is a photo of some Fall/Halloween ballies I made for G last year. I put the big jack o lantern at one end, a shank pumpkin button at the other end, then cut some smaller pieces of elastic and tied on smaller shank buttons in the shapes of corn, small pumpkins, acorns etc. She got LOTS of compliments on them!

If you have made your own ballies out of something, show us! We love to see creativity.


  1. Crazy!!! I'm gonna do this tonight when the kids go to bed. Thank you.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this. It's such a "duh" thing but I'd have never thought of it. I recently bought some cloth bands that looked the perfect size until I took them off the cardboard and saw they had been doubled over for packaging - so they were twice the size we needed. Now I have the perfect project....along with all the buttons/beads we keep around for making other fun stuff. I'm so excited!!!!!!

    New ballies for every occasion and outfit...the possibilities are endless. Thank you!


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