Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pass it on!

A few weeks ago we got this AWESOME idea from one of our Facebook members!

Melany wrote:

"just thought i would post this idea...don't know if anyone else does it. anyone have any worn out ball balls?? i did!!! soo....cut the strings off and you have perfect homemade "BGP" balls that i add to her hair like beads!!!! example... (might not be for everyone...but i LOVE it)"

I (Katie) happen to think that Little Miss N is adorable AND that Melany had a GREAT idea!  I have some seriously worn out ballies!  

You can see the ballies on the right are normal and then the ones to the left are all stretched out!  I think these ones are the worst!

So I got out my scissors and went to town on the worst offenders:

I wasn't ready to cut up my whole stash of ballies yet - I need to test this out first!  

It might be hard to tell but the pink and turquiose ones are little hearts:

Turns out these have holes that are smaller than a normal bead, so If I use these it will have to be on some pretty small braids, but these were in such bad shape I went ahead and cut them up!

My new stash of BGP's!  (that is what Steph named her Big Giant Pony beads!)

I was so excited when I read this tip, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try it yet!  V's current style is sort of a blingless one and the twists I think would be too small to add these on.  But I wanted to feature this great idea this week while we were talking all about hair bling!  As soon as I get a chance to try this out, I will let you all know!!!

Steph also had a good idea for how to recycle worn out ballies:  

Go to your local sewing store or big box retailer with a fabric section, plunk down a buck or two, and get this:
You can restring MANY ballies with this stuff. It's just round cord elastic. Usually comes in white or black. Guaranteed to stretch well and last longer. And the cool thing is that because you are restringing it, you can make it as long as you want based on your child's hair thickness. Don't you hate it when ballies go, say, twice around (too loose!) but three times around (can't quite make it!)??



  1. Even if you couldn't use them on braids because of the diameter of the hole, you still have beads which could put in with our craft supplies. Isn't funny how we are so programmed to throw away stuff? I know I probably wouldn't have tossed them.

  2. Great idea! No more guilt about throwing them away! :)



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