Monday, August 16, 2010

Reader Contributions

Thank you to the lovely ladies who emailed us some super BLINGY photos to share on Keep Me Curly!

If you all remember last week Steph and Katie showed you some pictures of their favorite hair styles that were embellished with colorful hair accessories.  We asked for some of your favorite pics, and it was SO fun to see your creativity!  Here are a few of the pics we received:

MeLanie sent us these cute pics of her daughter.  Aren't those butterflies lovely! And look how LONG her hair is!  Great work mom!

Holly sent us a bunch of great pictures.  Her styles are so creative and her color combinations are beautiful!  The heart shaped box braids are SO COOL!

Karli from Curly Hairdo Ideas sent us these cute pics of little Q.  Don't babies look precious with simple embellishments?  And we just love Q's curls!  Karli and Katie are both wondering if anyone has good tips on how to end the braid with beads on different hair types?  Notice the little tail of hair sticking out the bottom of Q's beaded braids.  Just like Little E's!

Thank you to Patrice for sending us pictures of this awesome fish bone style!  The brown and yellow bead combination is also very pretty!

Crystal shared this picture with us on our Keep Me Curly Facebook page.  Katie is SO in L-O-V-E with this style that she is planning to copy it for V's back to school do in a few weeks!  Thanks Crystal!  (Do you have any pics of the front?)

Thanks again to everyone who shared their pictures with us.  We welcome reader photos ANYTIME you want to send them to us!  You can email them to us at


  1. So fun! Thanks for posting our pics! :D I just put box braids in Q's hair yesterday.... with beads in all the ends! :D (first time!) She's figured out how to swing her head to make them clink... :D too cute!!

    I LOVE all these styles and color combinations! Great job ladies!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the last one too. I might have to style jack it as well. check out our blog too.


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