Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

What is the single best thing to ever happen to the world of afro haircare?

(ok, In My Humble Opinion, since we have locs)

Well, I'll tell ya. And it took me three years to figure it out and get one:

Yep. For about 15 bucks at your local big box or hardware store, you too can have this marvel in your shower. It installs in about 2 minutes.


  • Unscrew old shower head
  • Screw in new shower head
  • Rinse hair as you never have before
  • Kiss and hug new shower head and whisper to it, "thank you!"
Since we have locs here, I was always wanting to make sure we R.I.N.S.E.D. very well. What I have heard is that you should Rinse, Rinse, Rinse. Then when you are done, Rinse again because you are not done Rinsing. It goes for all super-curly hair. I took to having a small bucket in the shower that I would fill up and then dump directly on her head a few times. Yeah, ok, but kinda clunky.

When we went through our bout of Holy Buildup Batman, I didn't have one of these. When I would squoosh the buildup out of her locs, I just kind of held it in the path of the shower stream and kept soaping up and squeezing, hoping it would wash away enough of the stuff. But NOW.....

Enter the handheld shower head. You can HOLD IT RIGHT UP TO THE HAIR, RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT IT! And with several spray settings, including the "massage" setting that also serves to nearly BLAST stuff out of the hair. Me Likey!!! I think it also feels good on her scalp. I really can't imagine what it's like to have hair constantly up in styles all the time, pulled tight and braided and whatnot. The shower massage on the head has GOTTA feel good.

So run, don't walk, and get yourself this goodie for your shower. You won't regret it. 

Oh and it has also saved my back when we wash G's "little brother!"

Course that's not me! You didn't think I'd show you a photo of the inside of my shower did ya? Although that DOES look very much like our Tiga:

What is one item that YOU find absolutely critical in your hair routine?


  1. I have a shower head like that and have never even considered using the massage setting. I'll try it!!
    I gotta ask: What do you do about build-up in locs? I have done clarifying shampoo twice a week (for several weeks) trying to get it out and it has helped quite a bit, but not completely. I'm worried I'm going to completely dry her hair out before I get the gunk out! (I oil it A LOT when we are clarifying.)
    Am I using the wrong oil or just not getting her hair clean enough?

  2. I need to get one of those for myself. We have one in my little ones bath, but not my own...I think one of the best tools are hair clips to keep the hair out of the way.

  3. My wooden wide tooth comb! and I lost it :( I'm going crazy without it. I also don't know what I'd do without our spray bottle of water each morning. oh, and shea butter. man, I'm needy! lol

  4. HOLY COW STEPH!!!! After washing V's hair today I literally do want to RUN to the store and buy a new shower head! I have been experimenting with different washing techniques on V lately and today I felt that I really needed to get her scalp SUPER clean. This was quite a back breaking process for me and not all that comfortable for her. Good thing she is such a sweet girl she didn't complain!

    It has been like 2 months since we first had the conversation about the shower head and you told me how cheap they were to buy. I can't believe I keep putting it off!


  5. I want one for my garden tub! I cannot figure out how to add a hand-held sprayer if anyone has an idea.

    My "Can't Live Without" is my tangle teezer. It revolutionized our lives. My 7 yo has tightly coiled hair and it would take me over an hour to comb out and detangle in the tub with conditioner on; my 4 yo with a little looser curl 20+ minutes - we're down 75% to about 15/20 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively. And, I really think we have significantly less shedding/hair breakage. After getting one, I went back and ordered 10, I think, some to keep for us for when inevitably we need to replace one and some for gifts. I've had too many loved things go away!

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. @Katie and Steph

    Katie, shame shame! Get thee out and get thee a new shower head!

    If you wash the girls' hair by having them lean over the tub upside down, it might not be ideal because the hose is only 5 feet long and the head will be kind of near the end of its reach. For me it's just WAY easier, if G needs her hair washed, she just hops in and takes a shower. She doesn't need to soap up, just wash the hair. And with the handheld it's quick and you don't have to get in too. You can just point the thing away from you! And you just CANNOT match how much more water pressure you get by holding it right up to the hair. If I get buildup in a loc I just soap that loc up, agitate it, and then hold the massage setting right up to the loc and BAM it's rinsed. :)


  7. @Ginger

    Ahh, buildup. THat is a whole post in itself! The bout we had was so bad and extreme that I finally went out and got (this is terrible) Dawn dishsoap to use on the locs. Of course I moisturized after, but I ONLY used coconut oil or Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier. What are you oiling with? I only will recommend Virgin Coconut Oil for oiling locs. It's very light and has not built up on me at all.

    Hers had so much goo in there, if you ran your fingernail down them while squeezing, just brown thick goo came out into my fingernails.

    You have to be VERY careful with product on locs. I don't know how everyone uses beeswax without buildup!


  8. @TJ - The Tangle Teezer! I have been wanting to purchase one of those and give it a try and I haven't gotten around to it yet. Where did you buy yours?


  9. I ran into a lady w/ BEAUTIFUL locs while out y'day. I asked her about the build-up and she said she would do henna to cover up the little bits of build-up (which she wasn't sure was gunk or just lint). I put henna on my girl's locs today. A huge bonus-- it pulled the gunk out!! Amazing!!
    I am definitely doing this again. And henna is so good for the hair- strengthens and conditions it.
    I love it!

  10. My wooden comb and my Kinky Curly detangler (a new find!)


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