Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Did you know.....

That water is good for your hair and skin externally AND internally?????

I am sure you all know that putting water ON your hair and skin is necessary to keep it moisturized, as long as you apply lotion or conditioner while still damp to lock in that moisture.  But did you ever stop to think that drinking plenty of water could help keep your hair and skin moist from the inside?

There are many reasons to make sure you drink plenty of water every day but for people who struggle with dry skin and hair it is a GREAT reason to keep that water bottle in hand.

In our house we try our hardest to teach our children healthy eating habits.  For us, that means limiting drinking sodas and juices.  We really only drink soda if we go out to eat, which is pretty rare.  We also don't drink milk, so the kids drink one glass of O.J. at breakfast and then water the rest of the day.

I actually did some extra research on the internet about this topic because I wanted to link to a good article for you.  As it turns out, many people dispute the idea that drinking water can keep your skin hydrated.  Some say that if you are very dehydrated it will make your skin dry, but if you are decently hydrated then drinking more water will not have any positive effects on the skin.

Well, I don't have any scientific proof, but we are big time water drinkers in our house and I like to think this has played an important role in my kids healthy skin and hair.  Even in the incredibly dry winter months my kids are fine with one application of lotion a day for their skin and a good daily spritz on their hair with our TW spray.  I have heard than many people need more than one application of such things per day and even then can still deal with dryness. Steph also shared with me that she knows when her family is not drinking enough water because her and Gyrlande's lips will be dry and chapped. They also do not keep soda or sugary juices in the house. Gyrlande might get a capri sun frozen in her lunch a few times a week, but that's it.

I feel confident that the healthier our bodies are on the inside the better they will look and perform on the outside.  So, at the very least, if you are putting forth the effort to replace less healthy beverage choices with water then your entire body is bound to benefit from it!

What do you have to lose?  Go on, give it a try!



  1. My parents drink from a water ionizer machine and my dad tells me lots of info about water.. and so if your going for bottled water go for the spring water over purified water..just thought i'd put that out there :)

  2. I agree! Our bodies are made mostly of water, so it's just common sense to replenish as much as possible. And the earlier we start our kids drinking water regularly, the more likely they are to keep with it on into adulthood.

  3. why don't you drink milk? I don't drink milk often but my niece LOVES milk but, I have been thinking about cutting down on her milk intake, (I'm afraid if she drinks too much it might spoil in her stomach,I heard that can happen).

  4. @Anonymous - I didn't grow up drinking milk. My mom was of the opinion that milk was for baby cows and that it was difficult for humans to digest. I don't know if that is really a big deal, humans have adapted and learned to digest milk, but I am so used to not drinking it that I don't enjoy it. We use milk on our cereal and for cooking, but not just to drink. That being said, my kids do actually drink milk at school. But when they first came home from Liberia they actually DID have a very hard time digesting the milk because their bodies were not used to it. It gave them stomach aches and horrible smelling poo! So we stopped having them drink it and just made sure they got plenty of calcium and vitamin D from other sources. Now, they have adjusted and don't really have an issue with it anymore. But like I said, it's habit and I think water is SUPER good for you! So that is why :)


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