Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twists, Twists and More Twists (and Cornrows!)

Our family is headed out for the weekend!  We are going on a road trip with my husbands family to the Zoo and the Children's Museum and another Mystery Destination!  We are quite excited, as we don't go on many trips or vacations!!!

I spent most of the day yesterday doing V's hair to prepare for the trip.  My fingers are still aching!  I put in quite a lot of two strand twists and a few cornrows in the front.  I was inspired by a picture on the Hair With Purpose Blog.  Again, my style ended up different from hers, but seeing this picture got my creative juices flowing.

Not to make the style sound more exciting than it is.  Mostly it is just twists.  Why don't I show you?!?!

The inspiration style, I believe, was all twists with just 3 cornrows going toward the back on one side.  I ended up doing 4 cornrows on the side, but I wish I had done 3 because I really like how the inspiration style is parted so far to the left and sweeps over to the right side.  Maybe next time!

Another change I made was to put a few cornrows going sideways over her head to the right.  For added interest I made the cornrows progressively longer.

The back of this style is just two strand twists.  I decided to do the rope style twists hoping that they would last longer without getting fuzzy.  Rope style twists look cool, but I normally prefer regular twists because they are fluffier and make the hair look more full.

This is actually a style that will look better after a day or two.  It looks kind of stringy right now but it will fluff up a bit over time.  Maybe I will get some good pics on our little trip and post them for you all to see!
There isn't much else to say about this style.  Here are few different angles:

I am hoping this will look really nice for at least two weeks.  I used my Taliah Waajid gel in hopes of getting extra hold.  I might add a flower clip or two on the right side for some color.  After a few weeks if it starts looking messy I will put it into pigtails or something cute and make it last another week or two!

V's opinion of this style:  "It's comfortable and me and B look like twins!"

*Yes, this is also a GREAT bike helmet and swim cap style!  Which is perfect for a weekend of swimming in a hotel pool!*

I hope you all have a really lovely weekend!  Steph will be holding down the fort while I am gone.  Be sure to pay attention because we might just have another giveaway coming up soon!!!!  

For styles like this, do you prefer box braids or box twists?




  2. Very cute!

    I prefer twists, because they are so much easier to put in, and so much easier to take out! The second is the biggest key for me, because my daughter is 3, and I put styles in while she's watching a movie (so she sits still very easily!) but take styles out in the bathtub, and she's very squirmy while she plays.

    I need to get a picture on my blog of our current style, because it was inspired by your last style. :)

  3. I like twists because you can take them out faster than braids :) I did a similar style on my daughter yesterday. She's so cute! Great job mom!

  4. I really really like this style, I'm going to try it!

  5. I love this style and can't wait until my little one gets a little older to try it. Looks like she enjoyed her photo shoot too.
    I prefer twists because of the time it takes putting them in and taking them out, but my little one's hair holds braids best.

  6. I prefer box twists as well because I like to follow up with a twist-out. The only downfall is that twists get fuzzy more quickly than braids. Cute style! Does V not like beads or snaps? I love to end my daughter's twists with them because they're cute and her hair doesn't seem to stay twisted well without them. What is your trick to keeping the ends together?

  7. I thought rope style twists were regular twists.(they're the kind I usually do) Can you refer me to a picture of regular twists?

  8. @Anonymous - yes V does like beads and other pretty things, but she also likes to get a break from them. She gets excited if I do a style with lots of pretty beads and she loves to shake her head around and listen to the noise. But then she gets tired of the extra weight and issues with bike helmets and stuff. So we go back and forth.

    To end the twists I twirl and twirl and twirl the end of the twist between my fingers until it makes a ringlet. Maybe I need to make a really short video of that?

  9. @Patience - Well you know I like to make up my own name for things! I call these rope twists. I have a video in the video section called "How to do Twists two different ways" Check that out and you will see what I am talking about :)

  10. I did this style on my 9 yo and it came out SO cute. It's a little different but still adorable.

  11. I just did this style on my 5yo. It was very easy to do and she LOVES IT!!!. Please continue to post pictures as they are such an inspiration of coming up with a different and refreshing style.

  12. I love the inspiration that I get from this site!! I did a variation of this on my 3yo and added snaps on the ends everyone loved it, even dad loved it!

  13. I have tried and tried to keep the ends from coming undone, but alas they do. Is it product or am I just not twisting long enough. My little one is only 8 months, but she has about 5 inches of hair with the exception of the very back where there is a section that is very short due to her laying in a carseat or wherever. She is behind developmentally so she can't sit up yet. Thank you for what you do. I get lots of compliments on her hair and I tell them there are so many ways to learn how to do hair now that we really have no excuse not to learn to care for our precious ones hair.


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