Friday, September 24, 2010

G School Picture Day!

Today is school picture day for Miss G! I didn't really know what I was going to do  for sure until Wednesday night. Last year we did ponytails with some beads and snaps:

So I knew I could not do ponytails again!

Anyway...our new Full House dvds came from Netflix, and our exchange student

(who just recently asked to stay with us for a whole year instead of just 6 weeks..yay!)  has decided that she LOVVVEEEESSSSS Full House. So everyone plopped down with homemade pizza to watch. So this was my chance! I decided I wanted to do this knotted tiara style again for school photos:

but when i made the knots on Wednesday night, I did not put them back quite as far. So instead of the tiara being right at the top-back side of her head, they were more on TOP of her head. She was not wild about this, and I didn't like it as well either. Since we are in soccer season right now and I am somehow, some way, inexplicably head coaching, I knew I would not have time on Thursday night  after practice to redo all of the cornrows and knots. I had to think fast. So for Thursday I sent her to school WITH the knots, but instead of leaving the back of her hair down,  which would have accentuated the "knots popping out of the top of your head" thing, I did "messy" half pulled through ponytails up high behind the knots. It was a very formal look, a definite updo. She still was not liking it that much and didn't want to go to school with it. I had put a transparent mini ballie around each knot (instead of a big bead on the tail like in the above photos) so we had the kind of rainbow tiara thing going on. However, the magic happened when I told her that wow, this was like a very FLOWER GIRL kind of hairstyle. Ohhhhh my goodness. That changed everything. As soon as the hairdo was in any way associated with a wedding, she was all over it. Then I also bet her a dollar that someone would compliment her hair, since she has never worn a full updo before. I told her she had to be honest and tell me if she got a compliment, and then I would not owe her a dollar. She liked that, and then spent the rest of the way to school planning who we knew that might be getting married and whose wedding she could crash be a flower girl.

So, needless to say, I do NOT owe her a dollar, in fact I should have had her pay ME a dollar for every compliment she got on her 'do on Thursday, cuz I'd be going out to sushi lunch today! Everyone loved it. So what I did have time for last night was putting in a few soft rollers to make some spirally curls (am ordering me some Soft Spikes today) to frame her face. I wish I had also done the bangs, but they would have been SOOO short! So now, she's ready:

The locs really spiralled well....So, off to do some web shopping for soft spikes!

When we get the finished photos, I'll definitely scan and share!

If you are interested in this hairdo, I would be happy to explain it in another post.

Have a great day!


  1. Tell G we think she looks super pretty! :)

  2. G's hair looks really cute! I bet your kids get tons of compliments on their hair all the time!
    How fun you have an exchange student- will you be doing her hair too??


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