Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soft Spikes on V

Not a whole lot to say about this one.  When I reviewed the Soft Spike Curlers on B's locs I told you all I wanted to give them a try on V.  So I did!  She is still sporting her Back to School cornrow pigtails.  We just took out the beads and put in the Soft Spikes:

The little cornrow in the front was too small for a Soft Spike so I used a straw.  It is the kind of straw that already has that handy little bend in it, so I just cut the long end off and used a rubber band to hold it together.  If you recall, she did have 2 cornrows in the front, but I took the long one and added it to the pigtail.

I guess I haven't learned my lesson.  I had V take a shower before we put these in and I had her rinse her hair really quick.  This was kind of a big step for me since I normally don't have her get her hair wet while it is in cornrows.  But I am trying to teach myself that it is OK!  The bad news is, those braids just won't get dry overnight in the Soft Spikes if you get them that wet!  We squeezed the water out of them, patted with a towel a little, and in the morning I even used a blow dryer, but when I took the spikes out, they were STILL DAMP!  URGH!  The curls didn't hold as well as I would have liked because of being damp.  If her hair had been totally dry, they would have been AWESOME!  Here is the finished look:

That curl ended up a bit tighter than expected!

So you can see the ends of the braids were curly, but the tops fell pretty straight.  Next time I will be sure to not get them very wet.  V did say that she did not mind sleeping in them at all - so that is good!  Overall, the style looked cute even it it wasn't the exact outcome we were looking for, and V was very happy!



  1. Very cute! I am really impressed that her cornrows still look so nice now that you're into the 3rd week of school! What kind of gel do you use when you are doing cornrows? I'm wondering if that is the difference, because I can only get B's cornrows to look nice for a week and then they are super fuzzy.

  2. Her hair is holding up Good...The curls came out nice..for her hair to be still damp

  3. @HollyMarie - I don't always use gel, but I have noticed I definitely get better results when I do! Which is unfortunate because I try to use as little products as possible :) I have been using Taliah Waajid gel lately.


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