Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday - Sleep Cap Woes?


There is a solution to the sleep cap woes, if you have them....your child might move around so much that the caps don't stay on, or the child might simply rip the thing off the minute you put it on her.
(This is one of those "DOH! why didn't I think of that" solutions, by the way)


 Your child can sleep cap-free and you can still help protect the style. Caps are still nice because they contain the hair and keep it from moving around a lot, but satin is a much better solution than just no cap at all on a cotton or flannel pillow. Not many things will wreck a hairstyle more quickly!  And if your child doesn't use a pillow, or keep their head on the pillow, you might want to go for satin sheets too!  

Here's another tip....the car seat is another place where a lot of head/hair rubbing occurs for young children. The solution? Take a big swatch of satin or an old woman's slip and cover the head area of the carseat with it.
Now, if we could only get our kids to lay down a big sheet of satin on the carpet before they go rolling around with the...

Yeah. Wishful thinking.

What are your tips for getting dog or cat hair out of your child's hair?


  1. It's impossible! (cat and dog hair). I think the only solution is to not have a cat or dog, ha ha.

    Actually, I do have a question.. we have a satin pillow case but I REALLY want a sleep cap made by Nadia for my daughter. The problem is that I cannot get in touch with her... emailing has brought no response. Any ideas??

  2. @HollyMarie
    Hi there! Well in our house not having a dog would never be an option. But you are right that is the only way for there to never be any pet hair all over! Sigh!

    Nadia does not make her caps herself. I do believe she has not been able to get her hands on any recently. I just started carrying a basic sleep cap at Snapaholics you are welcome to try that one. Nadia's caps are thicker however....heavier duty.

  3. So hey, where's the link to the satin pillowcase store?????

  4. Thank god Jannah never has any cat hair in her hair. We have a snowhite persian cat, her name is cotton candy. we call her candy for short. she looks like your dog. lol

  5. I am new here and not sure where I can get these caps. Is there a link?

  6. @Katie in MI - sadly, Nadia doesn't seem to be selling them anymore. But if we here differently we will be sure to let everyone know!


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