Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where Do I Put All Of This STUFF!?!?!?!?

That's right friends, today and tomorrow Steph and I are talking about STORAGE!  Storage for all that goes along with keeping our little gals and guys hair looking spectacular!  

I wish I could say that this post is going to show you my beautifully, cleverly stored hair bling and other hair paraphernalia but it's NOT!  I hope you aren't disappointed.  This post is actually a bit of a cry for help.  Maybe you readers have some great suggestions for us!  We have some ideas of our own.  Yet, we haven't actually put all of our ideas into action.  I personally don't have much money for storage/organization items, but I sure wish I did!  Because organizing things makes me happy.  The Container Store would be like heaven to me, so I just don't go there.  

Also, in this post I am going to get really honest with you all.  I have taken pictures of the different closets and cupboards that hold our hair stuff and I didn't do a thing to make them look prettier before snapping the pictures.  I was really having to hold myself back here!  I am a super perfectionist, and it is tempting to only show you the perfect Katie.  But I think you deserve better than that.  You have all been so wonderfully supportive.  So lets get into it....

This is our hall closet that has all the bottles of things that don't get used on a daily basis.  I clean and organize this closet about once or twice a year, when I can't take the chaos anymore, but somehow a week later it looks like this again!

It's a deep closet so you can't see all the stuff in there, but we have Soft Spikes in the back.  Some Apple Cider Vinegar is hiding back there as well as a pile of little travel sized toiletries.  Our big bottles of Taliah Waajid stays there to refill our small bottles that are in the shower.  You can see our new bottles of Tate's too!  There is also a flat iron that has only been used twice!  

This is the cupboard under the bathroom sink that houses most of the things I use during a hair session with V.
Combs, Gel, Rubber Bands, Shea Butter/Coconut Oil Mixture, Clips, and Latch Hooks.  You know, along with the toilet paper and tub toys!

This is the closet in the girls room where we keep all of the BLING!  We do actually have some nice storage pieces in there, but it just doesn't fit ALL of our stuff!

The black and clear drawers are a really nice way to store our beads, but unfortunately we need more separate compartments.  Some of the drawers are just too big for what we have in them and we have way to many different kinds of beads, that I like to keep separated.  Then the blue boxs on top hold clips and ballies and snaps and hair ties.  On top of those we have our Sidewinders that have not yet found another home, plus more shea butter/coconut oil and our sock bun holders!

You can see here, that we have had to keep some of our beads in plastic baggies so that I can stick them in drawers with other color beads and still keep them separate.  Although we have such a huge purple barrel mix that it takes up a whole drawer on its own!  (so does the pink)

Still other drawers. like this one for our square beads, also hold our beaders and a bag of BGP's.

Then we have the really big drawer that holds all of our headbands and large ponytail holders.  It is nice and roomy, but you really have to dig through it to find what you want, and I am not even sure I remember what is at the bottom!

The drawer right above this one holds our most frequently used pony holders, ballies and barrettes, because it is (a little bit) faster and easier to get into this drawer than to get into the blue boxes.  

Here is the inside of one of the blue boxes.  This one holds the pony holders, extra rubber bands and snaps (all bagged up to keep the different styles sperated.  Now that I think of it though, I have extra dividers for this container.  I could probably use them in here and put each kind of snap in their own compartment - DUH!)

This is the blue box that holds all of our barrettes and ballies (and cut up ballies turned BGP's).  The first picture is what it looks like after a 2 year old has gotten into it while my hands were busy braiding so I couldn't stop her!  Then after taking that picture, I just couldn't stand it - I had to sort everything out and take a picture of what it is supposed to look like!

So that is the bulk of our stuff, but it doesn't include the bottles of product in our shower, the daily hair spritz that is in the cupboard behind the mirror, the bag of yarn in the girls closet, or Little E's stash of clips, baby headbands, and hair ties that are all over my bathroom cupboard and in a basket on her dresser!  Do you ever feel like the hair stuff has TAKEN OVER YOUR HOME?????  

Sitting here putting this post together I am seeing that I am more disorganized than I thought.  I think with a bit of reorganizing I could stream line things a bit without even having to buy anything new.  

Hopefully tomorrow Steph will have some good suggestions for us all on things that might keep us more organized (even though she tells me that she isn't actually organized at all!)  But we are also going to be asking for you to send up pictures of your genius storage ideas!  There might even be a prize involved, so please come back tomorrow!  



  1. for you to have that hair products and hair accessories you seem pretty organized. I had a little book bag full of hair stuff for my nieces and it always ended up everywhere. lol

  2. I think you're better organized than I am! I want to get one of those big plastic dressers on wheels and then maybe get a few plastic shoe boxes to divide things up inside the drawers. My only problem is I want to keep things together that were bought together, but I also want to keep things sorted by color, shapes and sizes like you. Right now I just have everything inside baggies in big duffle bag that is starting to fall apart.

  3. I agree with Danielle, I think it looks organize. You have so much more stuff (but then I only have one girl). I have a post on my blog about my little one "organizing" some of her beads. The other hair bows I have them in little plastic clear bowls with a top of course. I have been meaning to re-organize them and I think any ideas I get here will help me.

  4. Thank you for this! I just realized that the surface that holds my daughters hair stuff is overflowing and I need to get better organized. She loves to have flowers in her hair so I definitely need a lot of space. You've given me some great ideas.

  5. We don't have nearly as much hair stuff as you guys do, but for us we use caboodles I have a couple different ones from Target, they cost about 25 bucks (they have a larger one for 40) and I love it, its like a traveling case, has compartments in differnt sizes, one holds my brushes and combs and some are perfect sizes for beads n the bottom has a deeper compartment i but ballies in and small tub containers like grease n gel, and places i think are ment for makeup brushes but i use mine to hold beading tools and rat tail combs, for us it works :)

  6. Yeah!! I was actually going to ask a question about your organization strategies. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to hear more.

  7. So funny you posted this. I just bought a new detangling comb and a second boar bristle brush (because you know, one style of boar bristle brush just wasn't enough!) and bigger hair clips at Sally's yesterday so I had this maddening urge to reorganize everything (and get it out of my son's closet since he doesn't use most of it!) How can I sumbit pics of what I did? It's nothing fancy - just 3 boxes. 2 are just Rubbermaid totes and one is a pretty carboard gift-type box. In one plastic tote, I have all my beads (they barely fit and it still feels so diorganized). In the other tote I have all my ballies and barrettes. In the cardboard box I have combs, brushes, rubber bands, little bottle of caster oil (not sure if I like using this or not yet), and my new bigger hair clips are on all clipped along the edges of the box. I put it all in the basement so that if I want to get my beaders all loaded up the night before I restyle my daughter's hair, I'm not having to remember to get everything out of my son's room before he goes to sleep. I'd love to use a men's "tool" organizer - you know with the little drawers that pull out to hold screws and washers? The problem is that most of my beads, etc are just too numerous for even 1 color to fit into a box! One of us mom's needs to invent something to organize all this stuff!

  8. I hope that when I have kids, I am this organized about their hair products!


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