Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Inspired Yarn Braids - Part 2

After 3 weeks of the half cornrow half yarn braid style we took out the cornrows on top, washed just that part of her hair, and finished her off with another 50 yarn braids this weekend! The end result is gorgeous and let me tell you, this girl LOVES yarn braids!

Had to add this pic with B in the Halloween headband we got from Target 

Yesterday at Young Man C's soccer game I was playing around with V's braids and made this fun little twisty, weavy type of style.  I didn't have any hair ties so I just used the braids to wrap around the end and tie a knot.  She slept in this style last night and wore it this way to school today, so we will see if it actually held up.  I wasn't trying to seriously style it, I was just playing around, but I thought it was really cute.  It inspired me to try doing a basket weave next.  So stay tuned for that.

And if V looks sad to you in this last picture it is because she was.  I am a very mean mom and I made her sit on the sidelines with me during the game instead of running around with her sister because she had made some poor choices.  Sorry V, but at least your hair looks cute!



  1. I love yarn braids! I think the colors are perfect for fall! And she looks very pretty! ;)

  2. Very pretty - I want some! lol After your first post about them I wanted to give Q yarn braids - but I just don't think they'd look right on her! V looks very cute :)

    ~ Karli (curly hairdo ideas)

  3. Very pretty! We just put some yarn braids in too, cornrows though and no colors. I like the basket weave!

  4. You're right Katie, it's really gorgeous and it makes me want to try yarn braids (I have only done yarn twists so far). How long did it take you do them ? And how do you manage to have the same length everywhere ? Thanks very much and bravo !

  5. My daughter loved yarn braids, she keeps asking for them again and I keep saying no because it takes so long to do. But, I like your way of splitting it into two parts, we'll have to try that.

  6. @Aya - Yarn braids take me forever! Each section in the front has 25 yarn braids and it took me about 2 hours per side. Would have been a little less if I didn't add the beads. The two sections in the back have fewer braids and they took about 1.5 hours each so for her whole head that would be about 7 hours!!!!

    Getting them even is SO hard! I usually braid them all up and leave the ends loose until I have the whole section finished. Once the section is finished I make her sit very straight and still while I try to knot them all at the same length. Then, I check them before I cut off the ends in case any of them are way shorter or way longer than the others. If they are I untie them and fix them. THEN I cut the loose ends off from under the knot. It's a pain :)

    But the end result is so COOL. AND they last a LONG time, so I feel it is all worth it. (like once a year)

  7. I'm not sure if my first comment went through as my computer went bonkers! I was saying how your daughter has the sweetest smile! I finally did my daughter's yarn braids and she chose the same color as your daughter!! They are in a short bob, I made them too short and I have to redo about 4 of the braids if she lets me. I wasn't sure about them but they really came out CUTE!!!

  8. I did yarn extensions this weekend and they look fantastic. It was a two-day project for a head full of two-strand twists. But my daughter looks gorgeous and she LOVES her hair!!!

    Thank you for your fantastic tutorial. I will try braids next time. Well...maybe once I get a little faster with the twists.

  9. Hello Katie. I was wondering how you put beads into yarn braids. In your video, you explain that you tie knots while you're braiding and adjust the lenght when you've finished the whole head. Do you put beads in while you're braiding ? How do you ajust, then ? Or do you put beads at the very end ? And in this case, how can you do that if you've already tied knots ? Thanks very much ! I love the style !

  10. @Aya- I put the beads onto the yarn braids the same way I do with regular braids - using my beading tool. It can be a bit harder to do as the braids tend to be almost to thick and not as pliable as hair, but I can get regular size pony beads onto the very ends of my yarn braids where there isn't any real hair mixed in making it too thick. Normally I will make all my braids leaving the ends hanging open, than I will go through and add beads to all the ends, than I will knot each braid and snip off the excess yarn.


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