Saturday, October 2, 2010

UPDATE! Painted Beads

Hi everyone, I thought I'd update you on the status of our beads from Tidbit Tuesday that I painted on the inside. I braided three of her locs in front and added the beads and a snap (I'm a big fan of pink with orange!) and off she went to school. I asked her if she minded the big beads swinging around her face all day, and she shook her head and said "nope!! I like it!" (music to my ears).

So the outcome was, no paint on her locs! I checked later, and the paint was still on the beads. No pink locs. The next trial was last night. I oiled the braid with jojoba and coconut oil and even rubbed the beads back and forth. I checked if any paint had scraped off, and it hadn't! This is the acrylic craft paint I used, by the way. I haven't tried the stain yet.  With the acrylic paint, you need a couple coats.
I can't speak to ALL hair products, but these did fine with the coconut and jojoba far. If anything changes, I'll let you know. If you try it and have anything to add, please tell us!!!

(the incoming teeth crack me up!)


  1. Put beads in my 3 yr old's little braids. I gooped on the coconut cream and by the end of the week the rubber bands under the beads were goo! It was stuck to the 2nd bead and totally gooed to her hair! What happened?!

  2. @The Bergstedt's - I'm sorry you had that experience, sounds messy! Maybe it was something in the cream that broke down the rubber band and turned it to goo. I have heard some people have problem with rubber bands getting weak and breaking when they use coconut oil. I have not had that problem. It also depends on what brand of rubber band you use.


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