Friday, November 19, 2010

B has Beads

It doesn't happen very often, but one thing that I really love about locs is that when we feel like it, we CAN still put cornrows and beads in Miss B's hair.  I noticed recently that B had somehow ended up with quite a lot of green shirts.  She could easily go a whole week wearing a different green something.  So I figured it would be fun to give her some green beads to go with them!

The other thing I really appreciate about locs is that when I decide to do a style like this, I don't have to be worried about how long it is going to take me!  Pretty much anything (besides tightening) that I have ever done to style B's hair has taken me less than 30 minutes!  I LOVE that!

My plan for this style was to cornrow the front of her locs and then have the braids hanging down the back with the green beads.

It turned out mostly how I had imagined, but I still didn't think it looked quite right.  So I ended up taking all of her hair and putting the locs from the back with the cornrows from the top into pigtails.
It might have been cute If I would have put another layer of cornrows down the back with more beads at the bottom.  But I think the pigtail solution worked fine - and it was faster!

And as a side note.  Since Steph mentioned some parenting struggles the other day.  Have you all ever noticed how B frequently looks SO dry on her face in pictures????   I can't for the LIFE of me get her to keep her face lotioned.  It's like she never even looks at herself in a mirror!  We even have a chart in the bathroom for the girls morning routine that includes washing and lotioning their faces that she checks off with a dry erase marker every morning.  Hmmmm.......motherhood!



  1. I like it down and in ponytails. Cute :)

    About the lotioned face thing: My kids faces stay dry too. I can wipe their faces, lotion them up and then 20 minutes later, their faces are ashy again. Olive oil on top of a wet face seems to do the trick for my kids--at least for half the day.

  2. It does look very dry. Shea butter blended with either coconut or jojoba oil applied once daily keeps my kids skin very moisturized. You may have to insist on her doing it.

  3. Hi, you may want to try a 1 Tbs sugar and 1 Tbshoney scrub and very gently exfoliate, rinse then seal while her face is still wet with a moisturizer. Hth


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