Friday, November 12, 2010

Inspiration from Willow!

So I have to say that I have noticed lately that I am no longer very cool.  I just don't seem to be able to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.  I really HATE skinny jeans and Miss B is desperately wanting a pair!  I also have never been a fan of the faux-hawk.  BUT with the latest release of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" video, I decided to restrain my own personal thoughts on what looks "good" and what looks "ridiculous."  Due to Willow's hair cut, every different style she sports in the video is some sort of Mohawk, so I have been inspired!

Let me tell you, it has paid off.  I gave B and V faux-hawk styles last night and they were thrilled with them!  V looked in the mirror and exclaimed "Mom, you are so creative!"  And then after she stared at herself for awhile she ran off to "Whip her hair" around really good!

I apologize that the pictures are really terrible.  I just seem to have my days, and yesterday was not one of them.  But I think you can still see how I did the styles.  For both of them I cornrowed their locs/yarn braids up the sides of their heads to the center and then secured them with a pony holder.  The only difference is that on V, I only did 3 cornrows per side, and on B, I did 6 cornrows per side.  Then on V I just left them hanging to one side.  On B I made large bantu type knots like the style that Willow has toward the end of the video.

I feel like I am always saying this, but I think this looks cuter in person.  Yup, I said it, I think she actually looks pretty cute in this style!

I was not as thrilled with the outcome of B's, even though it is a pretty close replica of the video style.  This morning I took the knots out and let her no crimpy locs hang to the side like V's and I like it better.

How do you feel about faux-hawk or mohawk styles?  Do you ever feel like your kids are now cooler than you????



  1. Oh I cannot stand the Mo/Faux-Hawk! My 7 yr old son asked for one and it came down to the day that I was suppose to shave his head and he chickened out when I told him *everyone* had one! (Much to my relief!)

  2. For sure! All I got when young was WAY too tight french braids or ugly ponytails. My daughter and I have come up with several different faux-hawk hairstyles and loved them. Tooo cute!

  3. I used to agree with you on skinny jeans, til i found a pair that fit me perfectly, now I love them, and Im still on edge about this whole faux hawk thing...But Im like you and have to put what I think is cool and not cool aside. But I really do like the first style, the fact that its not sticking straight up makes it better...

  4. I absolutely LOVE this on V Katie! LOVE IT! It's wayyyyy cool. B's is cute too, but I think the "funk" of it being in a music video hoppin' around in a yellow jumpsuit makes the knotted style more hip in that setting. I bet her hair looked great when you took it out though!!!

    When G's is tightened we will use the SOft Spikes :)


  5. very cute I love it! I wonder how many girls are whiping their hair. I know mine sure is. lol

  6. I never thought I'd have a problem letting my kids dress trendier than I do, but I admit, the girl's faux-hawk is going to be a step out of my comfort zone. And I'm pretty trendy.

    I love what you did with B and V. Totally trying it tomorrow.

  7. I read this blog as well as HappyGirlHair regularly and I have to say I am really impressed by the self esteem and confidence you moms are instilling in your daughters. No way I would have dared wear a lot of the styles I see here, when I was a kid. Instead, your girls are fearless, they are trendsetters, they are confident. And I'm sure a lot of that has to do with how proud you are of them and how much fun you have with their hair. It may sound a bit odd - but I have to say that besides learning how to care for my daughter's hair, reading this blog is also teaching me about parenting. Hi to your wonderful kids, and please tell them 'thank you' for modeling their beautiful and fun hairstyles week after week. Hugs! Jenny and family

  8. awww i love it. super cute, everyone is loving and mimicking whip my hair thats for sure! ... and its funny you say you dont like skinny jeans, I ONLY put skinny or boot cut on my daughter lol i hate flare.. matter of a opinion .. get her some skinnies! (hehe) :)

  9. I like faux hawks...on kids, but I have to admit that I don't like them on adults, and alot of women with coily hair wear them, but not I...maybe because I'm more conservative. I think she looks nice with her hair like that. I particularly like the hawks that hang to one side. I also think the beads add more girly-ness to her hawk.

  10. I don't love the fauxhawk...luckily my daughter is too young to ask for it yet. My mom of all people just got her her first pair of skinny jeans, along with shiny silver high-top shoes from Crazy 8. With a fauxhawk and that outfit she would definitely look trendy...


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