Sunday, December 19, 2010

She let me do Christmas Hair!

As I mentioned before, I am definitely losing control over G's hair. She has her own ideas and it won't be long until I can't do the colorful bling anymore, I fear. But, I let her know a bit ago that I would be doing Christmas hair, and this evening she let me go for it :) I feel blessed!!!

Please nevermind the Sponge Bob pajamas. I wanted to get a photo of this before sending her to bed.

We used Sidewinders and it was HER idea to mix up the colors! I love it!

I used Snapaholics #3 black flower snaps on on a few locs in each sidewinder to hold them on. Basically this is just three flat twists from a right-side part over to the left. Then I twisted the two sections on the right side of her head and put more sidewinders on and gathered everything back into a ponytail, and used clear star ballies (also on Snapaholics).

Thankfully, G LOVES IT! I think this will stay in thru Christmas. I think I will go back in and lower the three sidewinders so there is not quite so much of the locs coming thru the bottom.

I'm just so excited that we have blingy hair yet again! I will post more photos when she has her holiday outfit on. Still gotta go and get her one LOL.

We hope you will send us pix of your holiday hair! We will do a post of all your photos!


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