Friday, December 10, 2010

Update on the Braided Crown

Sorry it has taken me so long to post these pics.  It probably is partly because they aren't very exciting.  I think I could have done something much more creative and visually interesting if I had had the time, but I just didn't!  I needed to get that puff into some cornrows QUICK!

Wow - that's a pretty blurry picture huh?  I really need some help on my photography skills!  V was also in a hurry to go play in the snow when I stopped her and made her take these pics, so we were rushing!  But you can see that I just cornrowed into a ponytail the same way I would if I was doing her whole head.  I divided the area into 4 quarters and then split each of those quarters in half for a total of 8 cornrows.  I finished them in twists to give them a bit more fullness.

It might even look better if I had put some kind of hair decorations in it to spice it up.  She now has a pink flower ballie around the ponytail....maybe I should add some pink barrettes to the ends of the twists.  That would spice it up a bit!  

So there it is folks!  Really inspiring, I know.  Maybe I will come up with something more exciting for Christmas!  I have about a week and a half to think about it.  

What are you planning for Christmas hair?????



  1. I think you have become numb to your greatness! LOL! I think the "do" is awesome! I wish my FD had enough hair to do more.
    one question: do the twists stay twisted without beads or barrettes at the ends? I'm always afraid not to bead-off my FD's twists.

  2. @Denise - To be clear - I actually tought the original style of The Braided Crown was Brilliant and Fabulous! (no numbness there!) lol! I am just unimpressed with the addition of the cornrow ponytail in place of the beautiful puff!

    About the twists. V's stay in beautifully without any hair things. I think this largely depends on the hair texture, but there are other factors as well. Like length of hair and also the ends of the hair. This actually works better when the ends of the twist are all different lengths. I just twist and roll and twist and roll and roll and roll and roll between my fingers and then WAH LAH! So easy to put in - So easy to take out!

  3. I adore it with the puff I have a 2 year old princess who would love that! Now the question is can Mommy do it lol.


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