Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Did You Know????

That I have really gotten into the habit of "re-fashioning" V's hairstyles one or more times during the 3-4 weeks she has them in?  I have really taken to doing this for a few reasons.

One reason is, I get bored quick.  I used to put in a braided style and leave it for a month without much thought.  But now that we have been doing this for a few years, I get bored with looking at the same style for so long and I need to change it up - even if it is just a little bit!

The other reason is that I think it can help disguise a style that is getting fuzzy, and not so fresh.  Maybe that is just an elusion because I am really just noticing the "freshness" of the changed up style, but it works for me!

So this was V's Christmas style:

After the first week I got tired of the ribbon so I took that out.  I also gathered all of the twists in the back and put them into a ponytail.  We used different fun and frilly hair ties on the ponytail every day to continue to keep things exciting.  (sorry no pic)

Now we have changed it up again to try to get us through the last week or so of this style.  I took out the braided headband which left me with some really curly braids from the ends of the cornrows up front.  Then I combined those curly braids with the twists in the back to make some funky little pigtails.  I could also do a twist out with those twists, but I haven't done that yet.

So I am wondering....Do you make small changes in your daughters hair styles to keep things feeling fresh?



  1. Yes, I tweak my daughter's style when we want it to last longer than a week. Her curl pattern is a bit looser than your daughter's, and her braids get fuzzy pretty quickly.
    Yet, we usually need a style to last a few weeks, so I'll often do tiny braids in back, cornrows in front. The cornrows get pretty fuzzy after a week or two, so I'll switch those up a bit.

    Also, with tiny braids, I like to braid the braids for a curly braided braid out(sorry that's confusing), or pony tails, that sort of thing.

  2. I have a toddler (14m) so her hair isn't very long just yet. I do a cornrowed twisted style in her hair every saturday, and i find that by thursday, it starts to unravel and get loose, I dont do them very tight, dont wanna pull on her hair line, so yes I am re-twisting and trying new styles by thursday.

  3. I know this is kind of old, so I hope you still see this comment!
    I did this style (kind of) on my daughters hair about a week ago, and I wanted to tell you how I switched it... First, I just braided the halo part, and left the back down. Then, I put the back into a pony tail, and after that I was going to braid the rest up too, but she wanted her style changed for her birthday!
    I really loved this style though! :)


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