Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My apologies for the lack of posts lately.  Steph has been in the middle of a sudden move and I have just had so much going on.  Admittedly I also tend to suffer from a bit of Seasonal Depression that just leaves me a bit unmotivated and very tired.  Last week was SO COLD I was miserable!  But the temps went up yesterday and this morning I got to surprise my young loves with a special Valentine's breakfast and other treats, so it's a GOOD DAY!

Here is what I ended up doing with B's hair.  I have some other ideas about yarn and locs, but this was all I had time for.  And I LOVE it!  This was a two step process but a pretty quick one.  Yesterday I cornrowed the front of her locs with the sparkle pink yarn.  I braided them all the way to the ends so that they would be wavy when I took them out in the morning, but my plan was to only leave the top cornrowed.  Then I also threw some quick cornrows in the back to get waves back there too.  So these are the before pics:

Cornrowing locs is SO much faster than free hair so this was pretty simple for me to do.  Adding the yarn is easy...would anyone like me to make a video of how I do it?

This morning I just unbraided the ends of the cornrows and the back.  Then I trimmed off a bit of the yarn that was hanging longer than her locs.  Lastly I cut some small pieces of yarn and tied them around the braids where the cornrows ended to try to keep the cornrows from unraveling during the day.  (you could use hair ties, I just thought this would add even more sparkle!)

It turned out great, and looks even better in person than in the pics.

For V, I wanted to do a little something to spice up her style for her Valentine's Day Party at school since she has already been wearing this style for a week.  Her twist bangs were getting unruly so I put two quick cornrows up front.  I added beads to one side, and the other side I swept back with the rest of the cornrows and used a little bow barrette to hold it in place.  Then I took a white ribbon and tied up the ends of her ponytail.

Little E and I have a busy day of house cleaning today and we won't be leaving the house, so no special hair do's for us!



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  1. Fun!! I love the variety! and the locs and free yarn are way cute! I might have to try some free yarns stuff! Way too cute!
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