Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - Introducing "KAERO"


That my cousin Kevin (aka KAERO) is about to make it big in the music business? He writes his own pop/dance songs with a killer beat. This is his first big video gig, BOOM!, and G knows the song by heart and inserts her own moves. I guarantee you will be up and dancing around!

He has a facebook page....come and "like" him!  He is also performing in the Sacramento and Los Angeles areas. You can listen to some of his other music on his official myspace music page

One disclaimer....he does use the word "ass"....as in dancin' and shakin'. G knows that we wouldn't say that word in polite company so when she listens to it she says "hips." The song is so fun and hey, it's family....so we just shrug and shake it anyway. He did record an audio version of the song and just sent it to me....with "butt" instead of "ass". You can download it here.

So Moms, get up and prepare to shake it like you mean it!



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