Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snapaholics having a 25% off sale!

.Hello everyone! Come to Snapaholics for a big 25% sale, with NO MINIMUM ORDER amount!
Use the coupon code "almostsummer" during checkout.

Hurry to get the new pastel rainbow ballerina wide headband, I only have 24 of them (probably less since the sale went live this morning) and man, will they look cute with a big 'fro! If they are hot sellers, I may order more. (Imagine big 'fro on this model head...and a cuter, little girl gap-toothed grin!)

This sale will go for an undetermined time, but some popular items are low so don't wait too long!

Here is Katie's post from last year regarding tips and styles for summer hair.

Come stock up on colorful beads for summer: remember, all-over cornrows and beads make great, fun, colorful, long-lasting styles for summer swimming and long trips when redoing styles is not an option.

Have fun y'all!


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