Monday, June 20, 2011

Box Braid Update

Hey friends!  Hope you all still consider me a friend even though I have been neglecting you big time!  Besides trying to squeeze in every little bit of quality time possible with my kiddos now that they are home on break, we have also had a wedding, funeral, birthday, anniversary, end of school year, soccer, soccer, and more soccer going on here the last few weeks!!!!!

I have to update you on V's box braids though because she is SO in love with them, that it finally happened.  The girl asked for locs.  Yup, she did.  She was able to put two and two together and realize that all the freedom I have been allowing her with her braids was pretty much what her sisters life is like with locs.  My reply to her was, "But wouldn't you miss your puffs and other styles?  Maybe we should give it a few more years and then think about it again?"  My powers of persuasion win again, because she thought this was a brilliant idea.  Isn't it great when your kids are still young enough to think you are SO SMART!

What we did decide to do was to keep the box braids for awhile longer!  I was going to switch to a different style and then come back to the box braids later in the summer, but I had a plan that I thought would be easier and V was so pleased to keep the braids!

I just gave her hair a really thorough washing with the first set of braids in.  Then I took out the braids a few at a time and put them back in.  I took out a few at a time because I was making them a little bit smaller this time.  So in some places where I had 2 braids, I put in 3.  Or where there were 4 braids I put in 5.  In some spots where there were really large braids I just split them in half.  But when I did this I made triangle parts this time.  Just to change things up!

The last set of braids we had in for 4 1/2 weeks.  I am hoping since these are a bit smaller I can stretch them out for 5 or 6 weeks.  At the end of the life of the braids when they are looking super fuzzy, I just keep them in french braids or pigtails and they are fine!

Here are a few pics of how we have styled the braids:

Half up French Braid

Two French Braids

With Bangs
Wavy Pig Tails (from the French Braids)

Two Cornrows into a Ponytail
Bangs only on one side

Those were all from the first set of braids.  These are the newer braids.  They have been in for almost a week now.  Last night she rinsed them in the shower and afterwards when they were wet we put them into 5 big braids to make them wavy.  From the pics it looks kind of sparse (especially in comparison to B's full locs) but in person this looks darling!  

I have a few other posts in my brain waiting to be written.  But I am making time with the kids my number 1 priority this summer!  Last summer I was going to school and I barely saw my family.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN this year!  So, please be patient.  If you don't hear from me for a bit, just know we are having a good time!



  1. I have my 8 year old daughter in this style. It's so practical, versatile, and easy for summer. I just put in 77 braids. Whew. I would love to "recycle" some of the boxes and parts when it needs to be refreshed. How long do think parts can be left in?

  2. @Martha - In my non-professional opinion I don't think it would be bad to use the same parts for a good 3 months or maybe more in a style like this. This style is very gentle on the hair because the small individual boxes are keeping you from putting to much strain on the hair. V's braids first braids were in for over 4 weeks and the next set will be in for up to 6. I may even consider doing more braids after that because she will be in the middle of swim lessons and they make swimming and washing so easy!

  3. thanks for all the pictures of fuzzy braids! i really appreciate the confirmation that it's ok to leave them for a while beyond what i would think!!

  4. Both sets of braids are so pretty. The wavy braids look so fun. We are about to head into mini braids (or twists) too. It's such a perfect summer style. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Thanks for posting about this style! When our daughter came home, she had cute micro braids. I have been wanting to try them again, but was going to have to have someone else do them. We have also been tossing around the idea of starting locs. So this was a great style for us to try. She loves her braids! I was wondering if you will be posting at all about how you care for the braids while they are in? Thanks

  6. @Jen @ Forever, For Always... - I don't do anything special to care for the braids. We spray them every morning with our waterd down Taliah Waajid spray just like we do with any style that V has. I have been learning to be more relaxed about her getting her hair wet and these braids are the perfect style for that! Whenever she showers (couple times a week) she just rinses under the running water. No washing, no scrubbing, just lets the water run through her hair. She wears her sleep cap at night as usual. That's it!

  7. Great post. I came here to look for a good style for our upcoming vacation. This may be it. I especially like the two french braids.


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