Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Did You Know????

That my son has wanted to get designs shaved in his head....FOREVER!

I have always said "no" because I knew I couldn't do it, and I thought it was sort of a waste of money to pay someone else to do it when I figure it will grow out pretty quickly.

If you all recall, when I posted about my experience with doing boys hair in the past, I told you about the time two years ago when the Young Man had grown his hair long enough for me to cornrow.  It was finger cramping work trying to get his short hair into cornrows that reached from front to back but I did it.  ONLY to have him turn around and take them out the next day!  I was so upset I shaved his head!

A few months ago he started growing it again, saying he wanted me to braid it again.  I kept saying..."are you crazy?"    Well, it is starting to get VERY warm here in Michigan and my boy really works up a sweat during a soccer game under normal conditions.  I figured he should shave his afro so that he wouldn't be so hot.  (I don't really like the way he looks with an afro anyway, I think he is much more handsome with short hair!)  I thought maybe bribary would work.  My money hungry son took the bait!  He would shave his head for $20!

He went to school the day after we made this deal and came home with a new plan.  He would be happy to shave his hair off if he could use the money to get designs in his hair.  DARN IT!  He got me!  I didn't really feel I should say no.  I want him to be able to express himself through his hair as long as he isn't asking for something inappropriate.  So here is the result -

My husband has a friend that doesn't have a barber license yet but is practicing cutting hair in his house.  He did a great job.  Young Man C LOVES it and got plenty of attention at school with this new style!  My sisters response was, "Katie, you could do this!"  I agree, I could do this, if I had the proper tools.  But even the hair cut and line up that C got from this friend is so much nicer looking than mine.  I just don't have the fancy top of the line clippers and trimmers!  Nor can I afford any new ones!

Young Man C has all sorts of plans for future designs that he would like in his hair.  His club soccer team just took second place in the WHOLE STATE OF MICHIGAN, and is headed to regionals in Wisconsin in a few weeks.  He might be sporting a new design for this very important event!



  1. Love it!! I attempted to do designs in my son's hair this winter. It turned out okay but no where near as nice as the pros. We've had nearly a week of hot hot temps in MN so we are heading to the barber today!

  2. That's a lot of fun, my son likes to get designs in his head too! Good Luck on the soccer front, you will be heading to my neck of the woods for that game (We live in the capitol of WI)...

  3. What a good looking young man! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks so much for the post!
    I have a six year old boy. I use my wahl shaver up to about 1/2."
    Any posts you could offer that might help me do more justice to his cute head would be so appreciated. He would really like it shorter, but I'm too worried about my lack of skills.

    Again, not even designs, just how to give a good, basic boys cut.
    BUT, what kind of tools do they use to get those designs?

  5. Katie, his stars look great!
    I don't know if there is a difference in shaving designs into African boy hair from shaving designs into straight boy hair... but I used to shave designs into my brother's hair with a $5 pair of battery operated nose hair trimmers. I'd use a washable marker to pre-mark where I was going to cut. It looked great, like a professional had done it. :o)

  6. i think it looks neat! =) so nice of you not to say no.. especially when he said he'd pay for it with his bribery money. lol

  7. I can feel your frustration! I spent a year and half doing my little brothers braids only for him to take them out the VERY next day! Haha, love the design!


  8. I love it! It's about time Young Man C got the spotlight. It's nice to hear how proud he is of his hair. I love designs in short hair and think it's a really cool way to express individuality. Please keep posting about your son. :) Jenny

  9. Im going through the same thing with my son! I like his hair short, but he has never had cornrows and now he wants to see how they look even though I like his hair short! And we both also wanted designs cut into his hair, but never had for the same reasons as you. C's hair looks really nice!


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