Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picture Day Puff!

Here in Michigan the kids haven't returned to school yet.  They go back the day after Labor Day.  But they did go in last week to get their school pics taken.  Due to some time constraints I had to take out V's current braids, wash her hair, and put in the new style all in the morning before going to school after lunch!  When I told V that we had to do something simple, she excitedly suggested a big puff!  Brilliant girl!  I hadn't even thought of that!

Of course just a puff isn't quite exciting enough for me, so we needed to jazz it up a bit.  I don't really stress about school pictures though because I don't buy them.  They just go in the year book.  I always take my own pictures of the kids every fall that I make prints of and give to family and friends.

As you can see.  I decided to add these little twirlies all the way around her hairline going up to the puff.  There is probably a better name for these like single stranded rolling twists or something, but I like twirlies.  After all, that is how I did them.  The hardest part of this style was parting out the puff.  Trying to make a nice round circle on a not so perfectly round head is tricky.  But after that, I just made triangleish parts, twirled each section, and stuck the ends up under the ponytail holder that was holding the puff.  Simple!

The next day I wanted to get all that free hair tucked into something more protective, still wanting to keep things simple though because it will be time to do Back-to-School hair soon.  I chose twists.  We have been doing a lot of braids lately.  I also didn't make these the rope style twists (you know the kind where you twirl the hair as you twist) I wanted these to be loose and fluffy.  Well, fluffy they are, and they are great!  I just reused the triangle parts that were already in and than sort of randomly made more triangleish parts all over.  This wasn't a meticulously planned out style.  And I LOVE it!

I am afraid with the twists being so loose they won't last long.  Although they have been in about 5 days now and are still holding up pretty well.  It is funny when a quick easy style turns out to be a favorite!

I am still undecided about how I am doing V's Back-to-School hair.  What are you all doing?



  1. beautiful styles especially the puff!!! She has such a beautiful face.

  2. The puff and the twists really look great and clearly she was extremely happy with the outcome. She's a doll.


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