Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School 2011

My kids went back to school today!  Last night I was giddy with excitement, like a kid on Christmas Eve.  Don't get me wrong, I loved having my kids around for most of the summer.  Family time is to be cherished, and we had a lot of it this year.  But for the last week or so we have all been needing a little space!  Not only am I ready for some peace and quiet, but I thrive on structure and schedules.  While I do enjoy a break in the summer, and I take full advantage of sleeping in almost every morning, I got a whole lot of pleasure over the amount of things I accomplished this morning ALL before I normally would have rolled out of bed!  I also LOVE when I can tidy up the house in the morning and it actually stays that way for a good 8 hours!

The funny thing is, as eager as I was to shoo them away today I had to choke back tears as I pulled out of the school parking lot!  I guess no matter how much they drive you C-R-A-Z-Y, you are still crazy about your kids!

Don't they look cute?  Who wouldn't be proud?

Little E starts preschool next week and I am seriously choked up about that one!  But as difficult as it will be to let go of my quickly growing baby, I am super excited to watch her with this new experience!  She is super shy and a big time mama's girl so I am expecting some tears on her end as well.  But I think after a few weeks of getting used to things she is going to LOVE it!

You are able to get a glimpse of B and V's hair in these pics.  There is nothing newly earth shattering about either style but they look sure do look pretty!  I will be posting detailed pics of V's yarn braids tomorrow and B's style on Thursday.

I know we are about the last schools in the country to go back for the fall, but for everyone else who had a "first day" today, I hope it was as wonderful as ours!



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