Friday, September 30, 2011

Mommy Hair

So I have spent the last two days becoming completely addicted to inspired by stuff on Pinterest.  I knew Pintrest would be trouble before I even saw it, and I was right!  Such a wealth of awesomeness!  (and amazing time sucker!)

Anyway, I have been in limbo trying to decide wether or not I wanted to cut my hair.  I normally cut my hair every 6 months to a year.  I always do a big chop, let it grow, big chop, let it grow, short, long, short, long.  Well, after last nights browsing through braided hairstyle ideas on Pinterest I am quite happy that I haven't had the time or money to get my hair cut in a whole year and a half!  It is decently long right now, which means I can actually do some fun stuff with it.  And with all the great inspiration out there, I don't think I will be cutting my hair anytime soon.

Now, with 3 little girls to get ready in the morning I rarely have time to do much with my own hair.  Usually don't have time to blow dry it.  So I often wear it in some type of ponytail.  To jazz things up when I have a few extra minutes I throw in one of those cornrows in the bang area that goes back into a messy bun.  It's cute, but I need more than ONE hairstyle!

This video I stumbled on is PERFECT for me!  Meant to be done on wet hair, meant to look messy, fast and easy - PERFECT!  I was in a particularly big rush this morning but I had to try one of the styles out anyway.  Here is the video link:  5 Styles for Wet Hair in Under 10 minutes.

And here are the pics of my take on it:

My hair is not quite as long or thick as hers so it doesn't come out as amazing looking.  This pic was also taken at the end of the afternoon so my hair is no longer wet.

Because I was in such a big hurry I skipped the "dutch braid" as she calls it, better known to me as a "cornrow."  For that front section, I just grabbed a hunk of hair and made a regular braid.

So you can see it isn't quite as visually interesting up front without the cornrow but it still looked good in person.

I will be trying out more of these styles and others I have found on Pinterest.  Are you interested in seeing them?  Or do you just want to see kid styles?  I will also be modifying some things I am finding to do on the girls hair!




  1. I like the idea of throwing mommy hairstyles in the mix...might inspire some of us mommies that don't pay as much attention to our own hair as we do for our children's hair. Very pretty style

  2. I like this style, very cute, I have done something similar on my daughter, never though about it for me though, thanks :)


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