Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sock Bun Tutorial on Locs

A few months ago on Youtube I stumbled across the Sock Bun.  I thought it was SO cool and immediately tried it on B's locs!  I watched many sock bun vids on youtube, there are TONS, and on all different hair textures.  I could try the sock bun on V too, but I just haven't yet.  I knew the sock bun would be so simple to do on locs and I was right.

I feel a bit silly making a tutorial on the sock bun since it is so easy to find already on youtube, but I made one anyway :)  I also included instructions on how to do the little additions I made to the bun for this style:
Unfortunately I have a lot of issues with this video.  For one thing, her hair looks quite dry in it.  She had washed it the day before, and I think in my rush to get the video made I forgot to spray her hair the day we made it!  Then, I was dumb enough to wear a black shirt when I was trying to show you how to do things with black socks, and black hair things on nearly black hair!  What was I thinking?  Then there is our ever persistent problem with lighting.  We just can't seem to get enough natural light into our living room, or any room in our house.  We bought a big huge spot light type of thing to try to create more light in our living room, but it seems that no mater which direction we point it, it just ends up casting a bunch of shadows everywhere!  I am not trying to make perfect videos, but for all the time and effort we have been putting into getting new videos out for everyone, it would be nice if you all could actually see what I am showing you!  I would have liked to remake the video, but honestly, we are having trouble finding time to make the vids in the first place, and I just didn't have a chance to do that.

So that is my really long winded apology for all that has gone wrong in this vid.  If you have trouble seeing it or still have questions about how to make or use a sock bun, just keep watching youtube!  There are plenty more tutorials.  And to see the sock bun on non-locked little girl hair, check out this post from our friends at Beads, Braids and Beyond!

So what do I spend my time doing when I am not doing hair?  Well, last weekend B had her very first soccer tournament with her new club team!  She is now playing for the same club as her big brother and is thrilled to be doing it!  Just look at that face before her first game...

She still has a lot to learn about soccer as this is her first time on a real team.  But this girl is F-A-S-T and super aggressive.  She scored 3 goals in her Sunday morning game!  It was a crazy busy weekend running back and forth from her games to Young Man C's games, but so fun to watch!  That is, when I wasn't missing games due to being at hoo hoo!  This fall I am taking a class that is ALL day every-other Saturday, and I am not happy about the soccer games I will have to miss!  And because I love pictures so much, here is one of her doing her thing on the field:  

To relate this to hair, I put 4 cornrows on the top of her hair and pulled them back into a half pony.  We kept those cornrows in for the hole weekend but it was so ridiculously hot on Sunday that I pulled all of the locs in the back up into the ponytail.  It looked even cuter this way!

Anyway, back to the sock bun!  This is still pretty much a special occasion style for B because her locs are only long enough to just barely make it into the bun.  If she starts to run around and be her wild self, all of the shorter ends start to pop out of the bun.  But, it is so easy to do that I am ok with that.  It is a good church hairstyle, and after church we just take out the bun and put in a ponytail.  Here is the video and a few more pictures:

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend!


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  1. Katie,

    Thanks. That's a great style and I'm looking forward to trying it. Also, I was able to see the video just fine and could easily follow what you were doing. Btw, I had never seen a sock video tutorial before, so I'm glad you took the time to do one. :-)


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