Monday, September 6, 2010

V's Back to School Hair Do!

Finally!  I have been itching to do this ever since Crystal posted <-------- that picture on the KMC Facebook page!  I loved it so much I knew it would make the perfect Back To School hair style!

I didn't follow her pattern exactly but it is pretty darn close!  Doing a Zig Zag part down the middle of the head has never been my strong suit!  And I didn't really, do a Zig Zag part from front to back like you would normally do.  I worked my way from the bottom, by her neck, up to her forehead, just kind of making parts as I went along, trying to keep it as zig zaggy as I could!

I also didn't use the same colors as she did, even though I think the yellow is precious.  I had a beading idea that I thought I was going to love, but once I had the beads in, well...not so much!  But I asked V, and she really liked it, so I just went with it.  Besides I figure being mostly white with a rainbow of other colors, it will match pretty much everything.

So here is the end result:

And the BEST part is when you can look at that sweet little face and you KNOW you've done a good thing!

So this is one instance of style stealing that was a huge success!

What style did you send your little one Back To School in?



  1. you did a good job did u stretch the hair out before u braid...

  2. Very cute! Yep, that last smile says it all :D

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    I love it! Can't wait to try it.

  4. I love it! It looks real nice on her. My daughter asked for a braided Mohawk for her back to school hairdo. She's been back in school since July, so we have gone through a couple styles since then :)

  5. @TONYA - I did wash her hair the day before and put it in some big braids over night - so yes it was stretched. But I always spray each and detangle each section before I braid it, so any stretching I might have done is kind of reversed by me getting it wet again.

  6. Yes it's really lovely! My daughter has braid extensions which are cornrowed up into two french braids. It's really cute.

  7. I Love This!! I loved it when I saw it when Crystal posted it. I can't wait for my daughter's hair to be long enough to do this. She's 3.5 and was still bald at 2.5, but it's growing more and more every week


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