Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

Did You Know??????

That in Michigan it is the law for Public Schools to not re-open until after Labor Day?  It's true!  It has something to do with tourism.  So that is why TODAY is my kids first day back to school!  Miss B and Miss V are starting a new school this year.  They are joining Mr. C at a great charter school near our house!  They are very excited about it.  You could feel the back-to-school excitement in the air all day yesterday.  The boys were out of town at a soccer tournament so it was a girls weekend at home.  We spent our last day of summer vacation (it was raining) reading together, watching Little Women, painting our nails and making home made pizzas!  We missed the boys, but it was a GREAT day!

We were up way earlier than we have been used to all summer, but the kids still maintained some of that excitement through their bleary eyes.

Here are the traditional B2S pictures.  It was a bit dark this morning and the lighting for the pics was awful, so I messed around with them and gave them an antique look to try to improve them!

I can hardly wait for 3:00 so I can hear all about their day!

And if you are wondering what we did with B's hair today.  We went for a simple double cornrow headband.  I started one headband going from right to left, and the second headband going from left to right.



  1. Lovely as always! The double headband looks so good on B. Does E miss her brother and sisters while they are at school or does she go to school too?

  2. Minnesota has the same stupid law... I am pleased, pleased that school is back in session! We home educate our children. But, our schedule is still dictated by the PS schedule. There is just no way I can get my kids to cooperate with year round school when they can hear and see their friends playing outside.

  3. @amazzicolors - Little E has been confused this last week with all the school talk. We had to keep reminding her that she wasn't going to school yet! Poor sweetie! She wanted to get out of the car with the kids when we dropped them off, but she didn't cry. We went straight to do our grocery shopping and she got a donut :) When we got home from the store, she asked if we could go pick up sissies! This will take some adjusting!

  4. We love Michigan's after Labor Day rule (which was re-instituted just a few years ago)...but we homeschool so no early morning rush or anything! Today here in SW Michigan its the perfect weather for going back to school!

  5. Adorable! and the pics look nice antiqued. :) ahh, E, so cute!

    I always wished school didn't start until after labor day. My mom used to say if they couldn't get it all in between labor day and memorial day, they were doing something wrong! lol

  6. What a beautiful bunch! Sure wish NH had that same law. :(


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