Saturday, September 18, 2010

WINNERS!! WINNERS!! - Storage Photo Contest

HOORAY! It's time to announce our storage photo contest winners! We had lots of good entries and are happy to see that so many of you are SOOO organized! Somebody's gotta do it!

We have selected winners in three categories! We have prettiest, largest capacity, and most organized & portable.

For prettiest, we are pleased to show you Holly's desktop caddy! I just love how cool that second photo looks showing all the stuff in the compartments and drawers. We love how Holly co-opted this desk/office organizer into a hair goodies organizer!

Holly says: When it came to organizing B's hair stuff, I wanted something chic that would go w/ her room decor and wouldn't take up a lot of space.  So I found this awesome white wooden "tower" w/ drawers.  It sits atop her dresser, it spins and has compartments for most of our hair goodies.  The well in the center is nice and deep and we have two tubs of product stacked in there.  The only hair items that aren't in this storage unit ( we found this at Michael's in their scrapbooking section btw) are our spray bottle (we store it in the fridge as it has water and aloe juice in it), a tupperware filled with our pony beads that is stored in my closet in my bedroom, and a soft travel purse where we keep all her head bands and extra soft hair ties.  If there is some type of hair do-dad that we are never using and it's taking up extra (precious) space, we get rid of it.  I don't want a lot of overflow.  :)

Next up, we have largest capacity. Danielle won this one! I actually have one of these sets of drawers for extra clothes in my house, but I wish I had thought to get one before G had locs! And we had tile floors that this would have rolled SOOO nicely on!

 Although they are nice because they save space and can squoosh all tight together, I am not a huge fan of baggies, though, because about a million times I have thought one was closed and went to pick it up and.....well, you know...

I do really like how she stores bobby pins and those snap clips on long strips of what is probably thin cardboard. Much neater and less headache to separate than having them tossed together.  Overall, i like how she is storing things in SMALL storage inside this BIG rolling cart. And she can use the top of the cart as a tabletop while she is actually doing a style, to boot! Nice!

Finally, we come to most organized & portable. It was a TIE! Two readers, Cate and Kristi, have the same storage containers, which are actually PHOTO storage bins (the second photo). Now THESE are nice! We found them on and they are for sale in the Amazon widget in our sidebar, along with tons of other great stuff!!! Please support us and buy yours from our Amazon shop! Look for "Large Photo Keeper with 12 Cases" Here are Kristi's:

If only Kristi had been my next-door neighbor and could have inspired me to be this organized with my beads! Siiiggghhhh!!!! I LOVE that photo organizer storage unit! The best part about it, other than the sheer neatness and awesomeness of how appealing that is to the eye, is that if you spill anything, you only spill the beads in that one little box.

And here is a link to Cate's blog post all about her storage, which she happened to have done in February of this year (that cool spilled beads photo above is hers too!). It's probably easier for you guys to go read what she has to say and see her many photos.

We also absolutely LOVE Cate's header photo. It shows how totally awesome little girls can look in their totally free hair, untwisted, unbraided, free, curly, kinky, coiled, spirally, and natural. We adore seeing that! If you go to her sidebar, and click the tag HAIR in the tag cloud, you can see all her hair posts, and now that I am looking thru them, she has some doozy hairstyles in there!

So all of you ladies have won 2 free packs of beads, barrettes, or ballies from Snapaholics! Please contact me at about your prize!!!

Thanks to ALL who entered the contest! We hope we can post all your storage ideas in later posts!


  1. Awesome! Congrats!

    I love that you shared the pictures with us. Holly I just love what you used to organize with, that is an great idea! I'll be looking for something like that in the future.

  2. Wow congrats winners!!
    I like Holly's caddy but doesnt seem like it holds too much.
    I am SOOOOOOO JEALOUS of Danielles set up! WOW thats alot of bling how many girls do you have?
    I have the photo boxes too. I actually only like those for beads not ballies and such. I like Danielles because everything is right there and together! Sweet!

  3. Lucky lucky winners! Hey guys make the most of it- (pick the most expensive things) LOL! Well I would. Come on who wouldnt!

  4. You should have a give away contest for coolest bling all on its own. I could win that one! I have the COOLEST bling! I wanted to enter this I was too late :( Could you give out more OR some great styling product etc??? Please?


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