Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ok, I admit it. After watching this, I DID kinda Whip My Hair!

I'm sure a whole lotta people have a whole lotta opinions on Willow Smith's debut video, "Whip My Hair." She's 9. If you have been living under a rock since Monday, when it came out, here it is for you:

Personally, I think the thing rocks, I've watched it about a dozen times, and it makes me want to dance and do all her little saucy moves in the mirror. And yes, I'm 41! Till now, I haven't found a catchy tune that I wanted to play over and over and over again since Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Unfortunately, I cannot in good faith share many of the lyrics of Single Ladies (at least not the video) with G. As to which dance moves I look more hysterical doing, Willow's or Beyonce's, no one will ever know, except me and the mirror!

I love that Willow is not dressed in any kind of a sexual way. She has her fashion grind goin' on, but is not wearing anything that a 9-year-old ought not wear (I'm not sure if rhinestone lip-stickers are "ought not" or just kinda eyeroll-worthy). She sings about being herself, not paying attention to the haters out there, how she's gonna keep on keepin' on, and that no one whips it like she does. Yeah I'd probably agree! The darn thing has infected my mojo and all night I couldn't wait to show it to G.

G watched it this evening and it only took about 20 seconds for G to start singing "I whip my HAIR back and forth...!" I love that she saw a girl that looked like her, that was her age, being confident and shaking her braids around, and having big fat zulu knots on the top of her head. I love that there were all different kinds of people and hair whipping around in the video. And I sure hope whatever new songs Willow comes out with to go on her first album are this fun, catchy, and appropriate. This would be a peer role model for G that I would wholeheartedly support. I think as long as Will and Jada don't allow Willow to start singing about things that are way beyond her years, and keep the videos appropriate and fun, we have a winner here.

Here is what G had to say about Whip My Hair:

It's so RADICAL! (is this word back in style??) I like how you can dance to it, and that they have crazy hair. And that you should be yourself (I told her what Willow said the song was about) and just shake 'em off, shake 'em off.... (she shakes it off like Willow)

I explained to her what "haters" are and she agreed that haters should be whipped off and shaken off like paint on your hair. She loved it when Willow's hair painted the walls, which it looked like they actually did for the video!


And before we left the house she declared she wanted to watch it again tonight because it was

"...soooo BUMPY!"

Which is good, I think :)


  1. I love it, I love the Sesame Street video too! As a CC mom to two AA girls, it's about time someone made them feel "cool" for having fun crazy curly hair!

    I apparently was under a rock until this morning, I saw still photos, but found out today what all of the hype was about. My girls and I will be bustin' a move tonight to this song! :)

  2. I heard about the song way before the video came out as a leak. I remember some parents sayin it was inappropriate because it really meant something other than whipping your hair.. umm okay really. she's 9, i honestly think the song is about what it's about, being yourself.

    i LOVE the song. and yes, i do drive down the road screaming it out while the other drivers look at me at the redlight like i'm insane. lol

    my 3 year old loves it. she calls it whip it. in fact, she watched the video like literally a bazillion times yesterday and went to bed singing it.

    i agree with you, i think it's fantastic there is a 9 year old looking like a 9 year old and embracing herself for who and what she is. i'm looking forward to more of her songs.

  3. I love this video and the song and I agree with you about the appropriateness of the song for a 9 yo. I can't wait to share this with my daughter, she will love it!

  4. Will smith always made "clean" stuff even as an adult - for the most part. I have no doubt he will make sure others (producers, managers, whomever else in the buisness) don't influence her to do things he doesn't approve of. He is one I think that still has morals in hollywood.

  5. Loved the video at our house! And we're all white girls, but we liked how "bumpy" it was too! Lol. I agree... age appropriate and fun with a good message. I've always been a Will Smith and Jada fan, so I don't think it would be possible for me to not love Willow... You know, now I understand those people who say that some are born with everything. That girl got genes from Jada and Will and she doesn't have to do much to become rich and famous, geesh! ;) But really, she obviously worked hard and practiced a ton for the video which is something else I like my kids to see! And it was a great video!!!


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