Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday


That Little E looks adorable as a curly girl?  She has been waiting and waiting and waiting for her turn to try out the Soft Spikes and today was the day!  Here are the pics:

Spikes In: 20 minutes, 37 Small Spikes used, On dry hair, Setting Gel - yes, End papers - no

Spikes Out:  After allowing to dry and set for 1.5 hours

After Separating the Curls and Adding a Head Band:



  1. Oh my! She is adorable it makes her hair look so much fuller :)

  2. Very Very cute. I LOVE this blog. Love the pics and ideas.


  3. Oh wow. What a pretty little lady you have there! How can 1 mom have so many beautiful children? :) I think I might have to order some of these Soft Spikes!

  4. She is too cute, this makes me want to order some Soft Spikes. My daughter loves the video you have with your daughter with you two chit chating back and forth. She is too cute.

  5. She looks adorable! Have you tried the soft spikes to curl the yarn braids? My daughter and I have set aside next Friday and Saturday to do hers. I'm soooo excited!


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