Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Braided Crown

Hey everyone!  After 7ish weeks it was time to take down V's yarn braids.  They held up wonderfully and we were a little sad to see them go, although excited for a new style too!  I had been holding on to this idea for months and I LOVE the way it turned out!

I am calling this "The Braided Crown" because I am not at all creative about naming hairstyles!  The video should tell you all you need to know about how to do it yourself:

Her Gorgeous Puff has held up fantastically for the last 6 days, but tonight I am going to braid it up somehow (still a bit undecided) and I'll post pictures of the style conversion in a few days.  I am getting a lot better at letting parts of her hair be free for longer lengths of time, but I think a week is about the max.  I plan on keeping the rest of the style in for another 3 weeks - until it is time for her Christmas do - so we need to put that puff into braids.

Any ideas for a Christmas style?????  I haven't really thought about it yet.  Hmmmm.........



  1. This super is cute! I am going to try this for Kurly T's birthday hair. Thanks for the idea ma'am!

  2. i LOVE this style. it's probably one of my favorites i've ever seen. i liked the yarn braids a lot, but i'm thinking i like this even better!

    her puff is gorgeous!

  3. Lovely! I am wondering if you could post something about how you keep 4b hair so detangled during styling, and whether you are parting and braiding on damp or dry hair. I am trying various stretching things while my daughter's hair is wet, but the next day it seems so dry, the ends seem to retangle and I think I might end up with more breakage. I also end up with little curls poking out of my cornrows and styles - my corn rows are improving, but not as smooth as yours. My daughter's hair is coarse, soft and thick and shorter than Miss V. Also, could you fill us in on your DIY shea butter mix (what is it, when do you use) and how you can for a style like this once it's in.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. @Martha - Keeping the hair very damp is really key when styling. As her hair starts to dry, the more difficult it gets to work with, so I keep a little spray bottle next to me and spritz each new section as I begin working on it. And not just water either, make sure your spray has something that will help make the hair a bit slick as you are working. You could use a leave in conditioner, but I use Taliah Waajid spray.

    Giving the hair a trim every once in a while also helps to keep those ends from wanting to tangle together so much!

    The little curls poking out probably has a lot to do with length. The longer the hair the less of that you will get. But also I try to kind of twist the hair while I braid when I get an end that wants to poke out - I twist the strand of hair so that the short part is trapped underneath the rest of the hair so it sits UNDER the cornrow instead of poking out. Easier said then done, but it's great when it works!

    Steph is better with the body butter type of stuff. I will suggest she write a post all about how to do. BUT I don't use it while the hair is in a style. I have only used it between styles.


  5. I'm inspired by this style and my daughter will be wearing it some time soon. Lovely.

    @Martha: For what it's worth:
    The way I've come to keep my daughter's hair detangled at all times is to keep it sectioned and braided. Not necessarily parted (when I remove braids, I section with my fingers into 4-6 chunks and loosely braid them before washing). When we are washing, I wash each section separately and rinse and then rebraid (loosely). When I comb her hair, I comb out each section then rebraid. When it's time to style, I keep the sections where I'm not working loosely braided and clipped out of the way.
    I know that seems very time consuming, but it's really not; the braids are always loose, and it keeps the hair out of the way while I'm cornrowing. Also, there are so few tangles to remove between styles, we can get right to styling after just a few minutes.

  6. I love the crown, but I am so timid in leaving that long of hair free in a puff. It seems to be a mess so quickly.

    Just did a Christmas tree but it certainly needs some tweaking and decorations to make it really pop. :)

  7. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls! I struggle to do their hair in cute hair styles and my 2 year old gets frustrated with the amount of time it takes. Your videos have been so helpful.


  9. I would just like to inform you that I have posted your video and link on my site and have given all video credits to you I LOVE THIS DESIGN I just had to try it :)

  10. Oh I forgot you video is posted on
    if there are any problems please just contact me and I can remove it


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