Sunday, January 30, 2011

Knotted French Braids - TAKE TWO!

Remember how I said I would keep playing with the knotted french braid and give you an update?  I did, and I am.  I tried this style again on Little V when she was fresh out of the shower so her hair was a bit more wet.  This time I did a small braid on both sides of her head.  I think it came out slightly better than the first attempt.

First Attempt:

Second Attempt:

On the other hand, I am not sure it looks any "better,"  but I do like it with a braid on each side.  I am pretty sure that this is as good as it is going to get on Little E!

For more EXCITING results!  I am thrilled with what I figure out on Miss B and her locs!  So excited I had to make a video to demonstrate!  Remember with my first attempt how the braid, in my opinion, looked to thick and lopsided:

Problem solved!

I parted her hair down the middle this time so I wouldn't have to struggle with the lopsidedness, but do you see how less bulky the braids are?  And how nice they lay against her head?  The trick was that I skipped sections of her hair when I was picking up my next section to "knot" into the braid.  Kind of hard to explain, but simple to do.  That is why we filmed this quick video:



  1. Very cute! On both girls!


  2. Love your blog.

    BUT it now has on every page, a very "adult" ad and totally not a site that I can not "just watch and learn" for having to scroll "it away" everytime family walks by. I think it is called IMVU.

    Just an FYI.
    Thk u.

  3. @Windie - Thanks for letting us know! Those ads are supposed to be related to the theme of our blog. I will see what we can do about having that ad REMOVED! Thanks again!


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