Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Did You Know?????

That I have a ONE WEEK limit on free hair or puffs!  I do!  Maybe you have noticed.  Anytime I do a style that includes puffs, I tend to braid or twist the puffs or make some kind of style change a week later.

V's pretty little puffs from her latest style are no exception:

They held up quite nicely for the week.  Every morning when I sprayed her braids with our watered down Taliah Waajid spray, I also sprayed the puffs really thoroughly.  Then I used my fingers to work the spray into and all over the free hair.  Once satisfied with that, I would reshape them into those cute little rounded puffs.

Her cornrows are also holding up quite well for the first week, but I can now see them showing signs of frizzing!  Will I make it another two weeks?

As mentioned, I don't like to leave the puffs in for more than a week because I don't want them to get overly dried out, or overly tangled.  That would cause too much stress and breakage when I eventually did take them out.

So I decided to make each puff into a single braid.  The Results:

They don't want to hang straight down - but that's curly hair for ya!

If you can see - I didn't even take out the black, cloth hair ties I had on the end of each cornrow.  I separated the 4 ends from the puff - got them very wet, detangled and combed each one, then I combined the two smaller sections form the right so that I had 3 sections and braided!  Really Quick! 



  1. Cute! I like styles that can morph into other variations of the same style :)

    How often to you let her natural curls "out" to play? :) Is that something that's important to you in teaching her to love her natural hair? Or not? Just curious what your thoughts are on this!


  2. @Dreamer13 - Karli, once V was past the toddler phase and her hair was long enough to fit into cornrow and such we NEVER left her hair free. I think this came about because One time I gave her some little puffs and probably left them for 3 weeks. I wasn't really caring for them properly and at the end of those weeks it was a NIGHTMARE to comb out. I figured that it was damaging to her hair and I went several years without EVER leaving her hair free. It wasn't until we started this blog and I started seeing other people doing it that I got the courage to give it a try. I have been doing it quite often now because I LOVE it, and she LOVES it! Probably every 2 to 3 months we have a style that involves free hair, but then after a week, we braid it up.

  3. This is cute style. I do the reverse with puffs. I tend to braid up the style and then, in the last week or last few days of a style, I make the puff. This seems easier for me -- partly undoing the style too!

    To dreamer: I agree with Katie that with very thick, tightly coiled hair on very active girls, I think you can teach curl love without letting them out too much. The damage and breakage, over manipulation from detangling and frequent restyling are too hard on hair. Plus, my daughter was adopted older and was not socialized to like a loose afro. She wouldn't wear it if I offered!

  4. Interesting! Thank you, Katie :) I love seeing all your styles and how you love on your daughters' hair so much! It's inspiring!

    To Martha - How sad that she hadn't been given the opportunity to love her hair in it's natural curly state before. :( I'm sure you're doing amazing things with her now! An afro is NOTHING to be ashamed of!! ... what I wouldn't give... ;-)


  5. I like the new style. I love to leave my daughters hair free, but it just gets so tangled by the end of the day it looks like someone grabbed a few hairs and just tied them into a bunch of knots! But when I braid her hair of do any other style, it still frizzes up after a couple days! I find it hard to moisturize because her hair can ONLY absorb moisture when its wet, and when I wet her hair, just spritzing a little, it just looks even worse! Do you have any tips for getting that hair to lay down again? Especially the long pieces?


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