Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh for the LOVE of Puffs!

I can't tell you how much I am loving puff's these days!  I am sure I don't have to, it has been pretty obvious in my recent style choices.  Well, we recently put a new style in V's hair and the puffs have popped up again!

Sometimes I get really burned out on doing hair.  I get tired of being creative.  I even "dread" an upcoming hair style change, strictly due to the amount of time I know it will take me.  So, I have a few styles that I return to regularly when I am feeling that way.  They are quick and easy and look great EVERY time!  One of my absolute favorites you may have seen before.  These pics are in our Cornrow album:

And if you look at the video in our sidebar-------> you will see a back-of-the-head shot similar to the one above but all of the braids come into a ponytail instead of pigtails.

Why do I love this style?  It is only 8 cornrows.  Anyway you look at it, that is just way faster to put in than 16 or 20 cornrows or 50 box braids, you get the picture!  Also, I have just always loved the way this looks from the front.  Instead of having the cornrows going straight back from the hairline, they all start at a center point in the front.

I'm not going to lie.  Winter is not my favorite time of year.  I seem to lose creativity, enthusiasm, excitement, motivation, etc. during these cold, dreary months.  The great news is that the beautiful and lovely PUFF has brought me great cheer this week!  I decided to pull out this tried and true favorite style but give it a new kick with puffs!

The day before I had removed V's previous style, washed her hair, and gave her these cute braided pigtails for church that night.

You can't see the front of her hair, but I had also put two cornrows in the front where her "bangs" are.

Since her hair was clean and ready to go, and also parted down the center, I was ready to get started the next day!  Starting on the right side, I made a diagonal part from the center of her forehead to her neck dividing that side of her head in half.  (now you can see the cornrowed bangs)

Then beginning with the section closest to her ear, I split the section in half AGAIN and put in the first cornrow.

Then I took the remaining hair and put in our second cornrow.

Moving on two the second half (of the right side of her head) I again split it in two and put in two more cornrows.  Now the right side of her head has 4 total cornrows. (not including the bangs)

You can see that I used ponytail holders at the base of her neck to hold the cornrows.  I did NOT braid all the way to the ends as I usually would do.

Next I moved to the left side of her head and repeated the process.  So we now have 4 cornrows on the left side - for our grand total of 8 cornrows!

Lastly, I gathered the ends of the 4 braids on the right and wrapped another ponytail holder over top of the existing ones.  Did the same on the left.  Then I spritzed and scrunched the ends of her hair and WAH LAH - darling puffs!

For a finishing touch I added a few beads to the two cornrows in the front.

V had asked if we were going to do beads with the new style.  She starts to miss them if I have to many styles in a row without beads.  Happily, these two braids in the front were enough to satisfy her request!  She loves puffs as much as I do!

Do you know what else is exciting about this style?  As quick as it is to put in, it is even FASTER to take out!  Oh happy day!  The down side to these bigger braids is that they don't look nice for as long, so I am hoping to get 3 weeks out of this style.

Do you have any styles that you revert back to over and over again when a lack of inspiration or enthusiasm over takes you?



  1. I love the style with the puffs, and the beads make it especially cute!

  2. We did something similar last night but a little different; I saw the hairstyle on Sesame street, lol! 6 cornrows from the forehead to the half-way point/top of the head. And then only 2 large cornrows going down the back of the head. The three from each side at the top are the start of the big two cornrows. Quick and easy, and ending in two little puffs. My B's hair is not as long as your V's hair so it's a bit tough, as the top hair "runs out" before I get to the bottom of the head. I cannot wait until her hair is longer. :)

  3. Thanks! I think I'm going to do something similar to this. I just washed my daughter's hair, and I'm leaving it free today. Tonight I will do some big braids to stretch, and tomorrow I'll try something like this. Sometimes my inspiration changes when I start working, but I love this.

  4. @HollyMarie- this sounds super cute - but I am not sure I am quite picturing it fully. Can you post a pic for everyone on the facebook page?

    I know what you mean about the hair not making it to the back! That is the problem I have when I have tried to cornrow my sons hair!

  5. I love this style. I will try it next on my daughter. Currently, she has the two zigzag ponytails that you did on V, so cute. My daughter said "don't forget the bows."lol Thanks for the exact illustrations too.

  6. This is super cute! I'm definitely going to give it a try. My only concern would be keeping the puffs moisturized. Do you have any plans for moisturizing the puffs?

  7. When I saw the photo of the puffs my face broke into a smile! That style is beautiful.

  8. i love this ... so quick to do but looks so great and look how much her puffs have grown since the last photo!!!!

    oh also, its "voila!" (french ;) lol)

  9. LOVE it!! I always love styles where the natural texture gets a chance to shine - and puffs do that!

    3 weeks?!?!?! oh man!! I'm lucky to get 3 or 4 DAYS out of a style like this! sigh. actually 3 or 4 days is the most I get out of any style. :p lol


  10. Beautiful style..Your braids are so neat..I know exactly what you mean about wanting a break..Lately I have been doing my daughters hair weekly just cause I don't feel like doing a lot of braids or time consuming

  11. So, I did it! It's not nearly as cute and neat as yours, but I'm good with that. ;) I love how it looks on her. Thanks for the idea! (pics on my blog)

  12. Hi! I am so impressed with how neat and beautiful your cornrows are. Can you share what products you use on her hair? Thanks!

  13. @Elisa - I just spritzed them like normal with my Taliah Waajid spray. Then I worked it into the puffs with my fingers and then shaped the puffs. I only kept them in a week (partial for the dryness reason) I will be posting about my change up soon.

  14. @j - my exact product and hair routine is always evolving but you can watch my video "hair products we use" and "our hair routine." check the tabs at the top of our blog. Currently I keep it super basic. Just Taliah Waajid conditioner to wash - TW mist daily - and the occasional shea butter/coconut oil mixture for added moisture.

  15. Such a beautiful job! What a lucky little girl :-)

  16. Did this style on my baby girl's hair today. Turned out really cute.I did a few modification because her hair is a little shorter than your little girl, but all in all it turned out cute!!!!

  17. I see you like to do a lot of protective styles with your daughter's hair...which is obviously working because her length looks good. But on those lazy days maybe you can try a wash and go with a headband or put in twists in the night before and do a nice twist our style to show off all her cute curly hair...use some flowers or headbands to jazz it up. just a suggestions. Your daughter is a beauty and you're an awesome mom! love the blog!


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