Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Did You Know?????

That trimming our daughters curly hair is a cinch!  There really is nothing to it.  Their kinks and coils are very forgiving.  That is, as long as you intend to have them wear their hair in cornrows, braids, twists, puffs and afros.  You really can't go wrong.  IF you intend to straight iron your daughters hair or blow it out straight, that is a different story.  In that case a professional might be money worth spending.  But since Miss V never wears her hair in those styles, I might as well do it myself and save the cash!!!

I pretty much say all that needs to be said in this video.  So give it a watch -

Have you ever cut your kids hair, or are you intimidated by the idea?



  1. I cut my daughter's hair, but at first I didn't know about cutting at an angle. I grew her relaxer out for 2 years and would trim it when it was in box braids. This was less traumatic for her than doing the "big chop" all at once. I did take her to get a professional trim this summer. That was the only time in 2 years that she went somewhere to get it trimmed. The lady cut a little more off than I wanted, but it did give her hair a nicer shape when it is in a puff.

  2. I tried this method a few times, but ultimately went to a salon for a very good trim. I felt like my daughter's hair was uneven between the sides and I really wasn't trimming enough off (grown out from the care center and too much bead use on my part). I think that the professional trim helped a lot, although she cut off more than I was expecting with the ends in bad shape. It was much easier to care for and style afterward and the shape was better for puffs even though we don't do them much. Plus, going to an African American natural hair care salon is a positive experience for my daughter.


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