Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reverse Sun Ray Cornrows???

I know, this is a bad title, but I seem to have -0- creativity when it comes to titling hair styles!  This style is kind of a reverse of the last style I did, so I thought that would help you to visualize it well.  Pics?

Here was my thought process on this one:  All the hair from the front half of her head would go into one pigtail and all the hair from the back of her head would make up the second pigtail.

I suspected from the beginning that the pigtails would end up lopsided because one would be on the front side of the ear to ear part, and the other on the back side of the ear to ear part.  I was RIGHT!

I tried to prevent this by making my ear to ear part on a slight diagonal.  But it didn't quite work as you can see in the picture from the back.

Step 1) Make ear to ear part, but maybe try a more than slight diagonal?

Step 2)  Choose a spot along the part off to the LEFT where all of the cornrows from the front will end.  This is where the "reverse Sun Ray" idea comes in.  When making your parts, start at the spot and part outward toward the hairline.  But then when you braid START at the hairline and braid your way IN to the ear to ear part.  I ended up with 13 cornrows in the front so they are only slightly triangular shaped.  If you did fewer rows, they would look more like triangles (rays).

Step 3) Repeat in the back by choosing a spot along the ear to ear part on the RIGHT side where all of the rows will meet.  Make your parts from this spot out to the base of the neck.  But when you cornrow, START at the neck and braid UP to the ear to ear part.  I ended up with 11 rows back there.

Step 4) I forgot to mention that I ended my cornrows in twists instead of braids.  SO, the last step is to gather the braids from the front and make a pigtail.  Then gather the braids from the back to make your second pigtail.

We went sans beads this time around, but I have been using different ballies and hair things on the pigtails to match outfits.

I think because of the un-evenness of the pigtails, I will end up gathering them all into ONE ponytail, or maybe something more creative, because it is REALLY bugging me!



  1. I want you to move into my house and do my DD's hair! Pleeeeeaaassseeee?????? :)

  2. She is beautiful and you did an awesome job! Very cute style.

  3. You are amazing. I am excited and scared for my daughter's hair to get long enough to braid. Hope I can do it even half as good as you.

  4. Lovely style! Very interesting how you "reversed" it. You have a great camera by the way!


  5. @Quackenbaby-CQ - Are you doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry? I'm there!

  6. LOVE it. Your braids and twists looks SO neat!

  7. This is beautiful! My baby is only 3 months old right now, so this is a long way in our future, but I love it for the inspiration!

  8. i LOVE this style - it is inspiring!!! i'm going to try a twist on it - back cornrows going down at an angle - can i share my pics w/u tomorrow?


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