Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update! Update! -Reverse Sun Ray


You know how those lopsided pigtails from our latest style were bugging me...

Yeah, I was only able to put up with them for 2 days!  I was kind of bummed to just throw them into a ponytail because I though it would loose all of its originality.  So, I took the pony holders out and I just started cornrowing the twists together (like I have done in a lot of previous styles).  But because of the placement of the cornrows, as I worked form the right side to the left, everything started curving almost into a circle!  It was starting to form a bun without me even trying!  So after all of the twists were incorporated into the ONE cornrow, I braided them all the way to the end.  Then I just brought the end around and tucked it up under to form a circle.  I used a couple bobby pins to hold it firmly.

I absolutely love it!  Since the ends were in twists instead of braids, it gives a whole different look when you cornrow them together!  And I think this is the cutest bun!  All of the cornrows sort of swirl into the middle!!!

I added the white ribbon (I know I need to buy some other colors of ribbons!)  I just wrapped the ribbon around the bun, but I ran it under the one part of the cornrow on the right side.

This is not at all what I had originally had in mind when I started this style, but I am SOOOO loving it!  I like buns, they have such a princess/ballerina look about them.

On a side note, I LOVE seeing all of the beautiful pictures of hairstyles you mamas have been posting on our facebook group!  Keep them coming!



  1. Awesome! Don't you just love when things turn out? I have to say though, I like the lopsided piggytails better. Much more "little girl". They were dang cute.

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. I think this is one of my favorites that you've done!

  4. This is nice. Unintentional styles always seems to be the cutest. Great job!

  5. Lovely! As all of your designs.
    I just tried something on my daughter (second time cornrows, so very new to this) Please check it in my blog and let me know what you think:

  6. This is one of my favorites! Your site has really helped me with my daughter's hair. I've been watching your YOUtube videos for quite some time now. I love most of your styles, but this mishap looks intentionally unique and quite darling. LOVE IT!


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