Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello hair friends!  I have been thinking about what I would like to do with B's locs for Easter and thought maybe you all could help.  We don't get creative with her hair that often, so for special occasions I really like to do something different.

I started playing around last night and I almost like what I came up with.  I like how the two french braids on the outside look, but I am not sure about the addition of the third braid in the back:

I am thinking about trying to part the hair in the back so that it is only 2 braids.

I like how the bangs are just on one side in the front, but I think I might add a Soft Spike or two the night before and curl them!

Lastly, I need a good idea for finishing this style.  I love how the braids come together off to the left, but in my mind this would look awesome with a big bun there at the base of her neck.  Unfortunately, her hair just isn't that long yet!  I am trying to think of a way to maybe use yarn to make a fake bun, but I don't want it to be really obvious.  Hmmm......  Any ideas?

What are your plans for Easter Hair???



  1. Well I'm new at this, but I'll give it a go. Maybe if you made the middle french braid into two or three different little french braids it'd look flatter and the focus would be on the two side braids. I like her little bun and say it'd be beautiful with a ribbon tied around it as it is. She sure is a pretty girl.

  2. Gosh Katie I love it like it is! It all just swoops down to that corner. I think what would be perfect there around her little bun is a big silk spring flower clip or elastic!!! Maybe with ribbon in a bow attached to it too and hanging down just a bit. Her rows are so fat and lovely!

  3. I like this style, it's very pretty the way it is! We haven't decided on our Easter style yet but since you have us hooked on Yarn braids I'm sure it will be something with colors!

  4. This is so beautiful and elegant!
    I don't know if I'd split it up into just two braids because they might look a bit too thick and the part down the middle would be sharp. What if you started the middle braid lower like halfway down so it's less noticeable compared to the other two?
    I like the bun you have it's cute. If there is enough hair at the base you could roll a brown sock and tuck the hair over it with a little flower or something? It would make it bigger but the bun would be a ballerina bun.

  5. @Megan - That was my original idea - to do a sock bun. But those hairs are just not long enough! Great ideas though, THANKS!


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