Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Did You Ever Wonder???

Why I have one daughter WITH locs and another daughter WITHOUT locs?  What went into our decision to give B locs?  Well, I know one of you was wondering since I was asked this question on our Facebook page last week!  Now you are all going to get the answers!

Miss V wearing yarn braids, Miss B with her locs!

To tell you the truth, my memory does not recall if I have possibly discussed this on the blog before, but you are going to get the story on it anyway.

Miss B had just turned 6 when we made the decision to put in her locs.  I had been getting a bit frustrated with the fact that her cornrows and other hair styles didn't stay looking nice for more than a day after I put them in.  Especially since it took so long to take down the last style and put in the new one.  Miss V's styles looked great for weeks, why didn't B's?  I think it all comes down to hair texture.  B's hair is a looser curl pattern, which is easier to comb and detangle, but just doesn't hold a style well.  It used to fuzz out like CRAZY within a few short days!

I knew a lot of moms were trying out locs on the hair group I was a part of, so I started talking to B about it.  I showed her pictures of other girls.  We talked about the many benefits of having locs.  The only drawback to the locs, really, was that they were semi-permenant.  I now know that many people have successfully taken out locs (but I sure wouldn't want to try it!) and so I told her that once they were in for good, the only way we could get rid of them was to cut them off.  This seemed to disturb her a bit, but not enough to keep her from trying them.   The good news was that we would have a month or two to make up our minds once they were in.  They could easily be removed in the first few weeks before we started tightening them.

So she went for it, and we have never looked back!  They suit her so well.  She has really wanted more independence over the last few years and being able to shower and wash her own hair is a big plus for her. Not having to worry about getting her hair wet in the summer is also great.  Being able to style it different every day and not having to sit for hair time very often is also fabulous!

If locs have been a good experience for B than why haven't we gone the same route with  Miss V?  V is about to turn 7 and has watched her sister with locs for almost 3 years now.  The thing is, she has NEVER once asked for them herself!  Even though I know V would love the benefits of getting her hair wet more often.  She would think wearing pigtails one day, and nothing the next and then a ponytail the next was fun.  She also somewhat loathes hair time.  She loves the results, yes, but sitting for hours, not so much!  So why hasn't she asked for them?  I do not know!  I have never suggested them to her, and she has never brought it up!  I don't mind because I enjoy the diversity of them having different hair.  I love cornrowing and styling V's hair.  I think I would get super board if I had to do the tightening process on two heads.  (I hate tightening, even though I don't have to do it that often!)  Locs just seem right for B, and no-locs seems right for V.

I am totally open to doing locs on V if she ever asks for them.  I would likely make her think about it for a few months if she did bring it up.  It is kind of a big decision, and I would want her to be sure.  I would be sad about not being able to do all the things I am used to doing with her hair.  But locs are SO much easier to take care of and way less time consuming, so a part of me would be kind of excited too.  I guess only time will tell!



  1. I know you gave details somewhere of what type of locs you chose, but I can't find it. Is there a particular brand or type that you did and why ? What was the approximate cost ? (less than sisterlocks)?


  2. @MRK I think that you might find what you are looking for in the first video Katie made in the "loc info vids" section. Both of our daughters have braidlocs, done quite small...you might say micro braidlocs. We maintain them with latchhooking. This guarantees they will never come undone or loose as could happen with palmrolling or single strand twisting. We also like to call them mommylocs because we installed them ourselves! So of course they were free!


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